Somaliland: The Rebirth of a Republic -Video


By: Mo Ali/Medeshi

Somalilandsun- Hamish Wilson: Presentation about the Borama conference in 1993 and the rebirth of the Republic of Somaliland at African Research Institute on 01.05.2013.

Hamish was a supporter of the SNM in the late eighties while at the same time reporting for the BBC . . I visited him at his farm (Degmo) in Wales in 2009 and have listened from him many stories about the struggle of the Somaliland people against the dictatorship of Siyad Barre regime . Hamish has visited almost all parts of Somaliland . He has produced documentaries about his trek from Zeila port to inland Ethiopia through the Golis higland of Western Somaliland. I understand that he currently works on fundraising projects for the development of Sanaag region of Somaliland while at the same time running his farm in Wales.

Somaliland: The rebirth of a Republic

The Rebirth of a Republic