Somaliland: “The Puntland Mentality of Perpetual Destruction is Based on Ages Old Immoralities”-Yeey


A Tear for the immorl  Puntland

Somalilandsun – The sick mentality permeating within the administration of the Somalia regional administration of Puntland in Garowe is hereditary says reader Ahmed Yeey through comments posted on our article titled “Puntlandsun welcome, IC Shut Up.
Below are the verbatim excerpts of the comments

# Ahmed Yeey 2014-07-15 01:08
Let me give you a brief history of what is called Puntland today. Puntland is mainly the home of Majerteen tribe of Somalia. These people were colonised by Italian colony same as the rest of South Somalia. The Italians liked to be in this part of South Somalia including Mogadishu. However they were happy to stay in the Majerteen area despite the fact that the area is a desert and it is very hard to live in even Majeerten themselves find it hard to live in there more than they would in either Hargeisa or Mogadishu. The reason why the Italian people liked to stay in this part of South Somalia was because of the immoral customs and culture of Majerteen which has been preserved and inherited from one generation to another. Their culture is for them to serve or work for Italians as a pimps which is the central umbilical code of Majerteen culture. This culture would allow Italians to sleep with Sultans’, Akils’s (caaqil) and Chiefs’ wives and their children as they please. For example, having read the book that Mr Ali Sharmake, the Prime Minister of the foist Somali Civil government was banned the book from Somali libraries which is related to how Sultans of Majerteen forced Mr Douglas Collin to either sleep Sultans daughters or his sons and as we know British people do not easily assimilate with people, he rejected the offer. To have a flavour of the book, see page 128 (A Tear for Somalia) written by Douglas Collins, published in 1960 by Adventure Club in London days later in the office, Haji Dif (Somali interpreter) coughed nervously as I was balancing my books with the cash on hand in the safe. Sahib, he sucked in his moustache. The chiefs, Akils (caaqil) and headmen are all outside and they want you to choose. Choose? Choose? What the devil do you mean choose Haji, choose what? I was a little flustered as I appeared to be a few hundred0pees short in the kitty. Haji looked sly and a little nervous. ‘They want you to choose one of their girls, Sahib. All the Italian residents did; it is the custom’. He coughed and looked at me encouragingly. I had not bothered much with girls – I had little time for poodle-faking. Haji, I made my mind up let them in. They stood in the office with Sultan Mohamed Boghor (Boqor) seated in the chair I had Haji place for him, They looked wiser than time itself with their eyes darting over me, speculative and veiled with the cunning in their hearts. Spoke up Sultan Mohamed Boghor sententiously. He gave a soft encouraging cough to which I replied haltingly. (He knows everything you have in your head and your heart). That shook them, Sultan Boqor smiled. Haji Dif, Thank them every one for the honour they do to me. Tell them that I have searched my heart which answers that I cannot accept that which they offer. They must understand that the English man does not love lightly but that when they he does love then it is forever. He translated. I could not read their impassive faces as they say goodbye and walked out.

This indelicate that they thought every white man would shag their children not knowing that English people are completely different from other European people in terms of thinking ability, culturally, their understating of what constitutes immoral and that is why Somaliland people are different from South Somalia. This also shadows that this technique of bribing people with their children and their wives dates back to 13 century where the rest of Somalia were practising Islam and had a complete different culture from Majerteen people. It is obvious that since this is their culture, it is still in use of all Majerteen or Puntland. As you know Abdullah Yusuf have his daughter to Yuweri Musveni’s son in order for him to be the president of Somalia which has worked for him. I doubt if Nickolas Kay would accept this offer given that he is originated from England.

On page 135, Sultan Mohamed Boqor and his chiefs and Akils (caaqil) came back again to Collin with another offer this time is a deadly offer, Haji Diff told Mr Collins– they say sahib you have to male love with Sinbad, he repeated Sinbad, the office punkah-wallah, the 0bby little Somali yero (boy).

This shows that the second offer is that they though he is a gay and that they have offer him one of their boys as they have no shame on them given that they are the leaders of Majerten- what do you think how their layman behaves . This is the history of Majerteen as they have no respect for anyone regardless whether that could be their sons or daughters or their wives for that matter. This kind of inhumane behaviour would lead to you doing everything that you think would help you with your survival of the day. I am also saddened to know that they are accusing Somaliland of being terrorist supporters thinking that the can change the history of the horn of Africa. I believe they would have been believed by international community if we were in the 17 century as they used to bribe the Italian colony with their sons and daughters in order for them to achieve their ill fated goals. Not knowing that the world is cleverer than it was yesterday where information can easily be accessed throughout the globe while you are at home and I am not supervised to hear these kinds of negative comments from Puntland in regards to Somaliland’s success history without selling their boys and girls to any white person who visits them. I am also surprised to see that Puntland deals with 0gs, it is a pirate land and is the father of terrorism as the terrorists were not know before Puntland was formed but they have never been questioned about their gang style and this could be that they have been bribing outside world with boys and girls. They have already done everything that they would keep Somalia in its current position of chaos and lawless as they are bribing some of cowboy UN officials and African officers with boys and girls as they have built a guest home near the presidential palace which is attaché with the balance and god knows what is happening there.