Somaliland: The Pros and Cons of a Turkish Military Base in Somalia


Somalia to host Turkeys Second largest military base abroad

Somalilandsun- Turkey’s goal in establishing a military base in Somalia is allegedly the on location elimination of terrorism thence deter extension to its own homeland territory, as it before in Syria and Iraq.
On the other hand, Turkey is keen to play a significant role in resolving regional crises as it is also playing a major role in solving the current Gulf crisis by sending its troops to Qatar in addition to the historical role in protecting the Horn of Africa initiated centuries ago by the Ottoman Empire.
So what are the pros and cons of the Turkish Military base in Mogadishu which is the second largest by Ankara , set to be fully fledged this September, Ponders African, Middle East and Iranian Affairs specialist Ibrahim Nasir in a piece titled Turkey’s Military Base in Somalia: Goals and Probable Risks