Somaliland: The President’s Biography Does Disservice to His Legacy


Somaliland and Somalia presidents sign a secret deal in Dubai file photo

Somalilandsun- in response to Silanyo’s Golden Autobiographical Milestone by Eng Hussein Deyr in which various Legendary Facts on Exemplary Life of President Silanyo are noted a Canadian of Somaliland descentAli Ege, Toronto writes The short synopsis, so-called biography, written for purposes of counteracting falsehoods, as they claim, put forth by non-other than the office of the President, does not do service to the legacy of the President. He has done a lot more than the short incomprehensible pipsqueak narrative of your few remarks. You miss the point, Johnny. Here are a few you can add to the list of your rants and raves:
1. He was the first effective minister of Finance in Somaliland who persuaded then President Egal to do away with the-economically debilitating mechanism of borrowing money in advance from merchants. The said merchants doubled and redoubled the loans through false claims capitalizing on the loop holes provided through the nascent accounting system and forged documents. After this notable success, he resigned and groaned over going to the Arta conference, only too anxious to subvert the Somaliland cause which he wholeheartedly detested and still persistently continues to subvert. Had it not been for the dissuasions of Sheikh Cabdi Waraabe and Sheikh Ibrahim and the like, Silanyo would have been a minister in Abdiqasim’s cabinet exposed forever for his treacherous ways.
2. He is the first to have allowed the ascent of the Islamic zealots take over the reign of power and position them so that they manipulate Somaliland’s foreign and local policy outlook. He has been successful in this regard, and in so doing casting aside the aspirations of the people and hoping to bury it beyond repair.
3. He is the first President whose thoughts and aspirations have become wholly dependent on the whims and desires of a gang of women manipulators and few kinsfolk of hisclan that are head over heels in money usurpation and the prevalence of nepotism and destruction of the Somaliland state.
4. He is the first President disabled by a menacing onset of dementia and a creeping Alzheimer’s disease whose awareness of his surroundings is severely diminished letalone rule and run a country.