Somaliland: The President Farmajo Genocide Apology is too Little too Late’ Politicians say


Somalilandsun:  In an unprecedented move the Somalia president Mohamed Abdilahi apologized for atrocities committed to Somaliland citizens by late Dictator Mohamed Siyad Barre in mid 80s to early 90s.

The atrocities saw thousands of Somalilanders lose their lives  while a bigger figure were maimed through Somalia airforce bombings in Hargeisa and other major cities that also resulted in destruction of public and private property.

This devastation also saw the annihilation of livestock the major source of income for citizens leading to massive displacement both internally and externally.

The entire country then northwest region of the now defunct republic of Somalia is still reeling from the effects of the brutality meted.

This lead  to a civil war waged by SNM a ragtag outfit that saw Somaliland a former British protectorate withdraw 3 decades from its 1960 voluntary later turned fateful union with Somalia a former Italian colony to its South.

The public apology made by president Farmajo during an address to a judicial conference in Mogadishu on 02/13/2020 a day after returning from Ethiopia where he had met for the first time with his Somaliland counterpart Muse Bihi Abdi under mediation by Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed in his offices in Addis Ababa/

In Somaliland the apology met with mixed reaction from citizens of all walks of life both in equal measure of acceptance and disapproval.

With the merits and demerits of this apology doing the circles among the very politically vocal citizenry of Somaliland a number of prominent politicians came out  to vehemently negate the apologies from Somalia terming them to little too late.

The politicians who came out strongly against the President Farmajo confession of genocidal guilt in different press briefing included Ambassador Adan Muse Jibril, Mohamed Hashi Elmi and MP Ahmed Mohamed Diriye aka Nacnac.

All the above politicians were in concurrence that the Somalia President Farmajo request for forgiveness to Somalilanders lacked sincerity as it did not put avenues for brotherhood through acknowledging Somaliland as a sovereign nation which is a 30 years major bone of contention between the two formerly united countries.

According to Mohamed Hashi Elmi a long term serving minister in various Somaliland administrations “Forget about Farmajo visiting Somaliland talking to him is out of the question” adding that the current president of Somalia was himself a part of the machinery that committed the atrocities.

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Stressing that it was not Farmajo at fault but Somalilanders themselves for sitting and holding discussions with him that have led to his aspirations of stepping on our soil, politician Mohamed Hashi Elmi said “what do you expect apart from a weak hearted apology from Farmajo considering that the person who commanded the atrocities namely dictator Siyad Barre is his uncle” to Farmajo

According to the politician the contrition from Somalia was geared to appease citizens there who are currently suffering from a never ending conflict not to mention corruption which is out of control under president Farmajo who is a candidate for the same post in late 2020 elections.

According to Somaliland Member of parliament Ahmed Mohamed Diriye Nacnac a sincere apology is not one of saying am sorry but one accompanied by full hearted measures and appeals to forget the past and open a new friendship and brotherhood leaf.

“An apology without such is useless and insincere” said MP Nacnac as he informed of his complete refusal to accept it adding that forgiveness was extended to Djibouti, Somali Ogden region of Ethiopia and those in Kenya’s NFD after their refusal to join union that made the now defunct republic of Somalia.

Wondering who was confessing on behalf of Somalia for atrocities committed by late dictator Siyad Barre and to whom they were directed to, Amb Adan Muse Jibril said that the current Federal government of Somalia is under control of most of the people responsible for the genocide.

Said he, “if President Farmajo is talking on behalf of Somalia citizens let him prosecute people responsible for the genocide in Somaliland rather than providing”

Now that prominent politicians in the country have vehemently objected to the contrition’s from Somalia what of the rumored visit to Somaliland by president Farmajo under tow by Prime minister Abiy of Ethiopia