Somaliland: The President charts the way forward as he kicks-off workshop for his cabinet members


By M.A. Egge
Somalilandsun- The President H. E. Muse Bihi Abdi gave an unprecedented and patriotically passionate speech to the members of the cabinet as he kicked off a four day equally unprecedented special workshop for the newly appointed ministers.
In a grand outline in which the Head of State spelt out yesterday the manner in which the cabinet ought to chart out its way forward hence plainly put it that their collective responsibility was a must and has got to be exhibited in their public and personal conducts at a working retreat held at the Royal Palace Hotel.
The workshop mainly entails the ways and means of implementing the six-pillar agenda that the KULMIYE ruling party had as its election pledges and the 2nd Phase of the National Development Program while prioritizing issues, matters and areas as needs may be.
The President who depicted a pragmatic style of leadership bonded with a hands-on mode of operation was quite frank, candid and bold as to the monumental expectations awaited from the country’s fifth administration vis-à-vis the situation at hand.
Somaliland President Muse Behi opens a four day special workshop for government ministers He told the participants that the workshop expected them to put into perspective the mode, priorities, collective responsibilities and associated aspects to chart the way forward in a consultative manner such that maximum fruits may be reaped from the values of their efforts as they duly expedite their duties in diligence.
The President said that line ministries ought to pluck programs that concerns their respective portfolios from the agendas availed hence they ought to, thus as expected, make their own quarterly, bi-annual and annual plans so as to implement the programmes spelt out in the assigned policy plans.
The Head of State was quite frank and candid as he said that lip-service was out of question since baseless propaganda was always blurring, distorting and scandalous in the long run.
He said that the peoples’ expectations were quite high and they could always palpitate any tangible development, and vice versa.
Indeed this manner of consultative meeting undertaken in a working retreat is unprecedented in the country; it is however common in other countries.
To indulge in this manner on a task to chart the way forward only underscores the patriotism and seriousness of the President’s enthusiasm to be a sincere leader who has the interests of the people and the nation at heart.
He boldly noted that the main backbone of the country’s economy, which is livestock, is in disarray for they are banned for export by the traditional importers hence the nation is seemingly playing down the fact by assuming it.
the three female ministers in the Somaliland government follow proceedings at four day special workshop He also noted the irony of funding unproductive ministries or departments at the expense of others.
He gave the example of the fisheries department which is indeed underfunded whereas others like the national television receive more than it.
This and more are examples of what opportunity cost is at stake for the ministers to ponder on in consultations amongst themselves hence pinpoint priorities by being sincere to themselves, their tasks, and their country .
The President spelt out security (both internal and external), job creation and fight against tribalism, nepotism, clannish and associated factors as some of the major areas that need addressing.
Depicting a good grasp of engineering knowledge, the President used the parable of production of kinetic energy through internal combustion system to propel the administrative vehicle so as to underscore the importance of the notion of collective responsibilities amongst the ministers.
The workshop is being conducted by the Civil Service Institute.

Somaliland VP Sayli and president Musa Behi