Somaliland: The Opposition Leaders Of WADANI Rejects To Participate In Parliament Proceedings Till Ciiro Arrives Back



By: Omar. A. Omar
Hargeisa (Somalilandsun). The honorable legislators from the opposition party WADANI refuses to participate in the parliament proceedings since the Speaker of parliament who is also the chairman of the WADANI left the country.

The First Deputy Speaker Hon. Baashe Mahamed Faarah already addresses to the parliament that there is a lot of articles which is needed to be rectified every parliament’s hold within the shortest time possible yet the absentee of the members hold the essential articles not to lay down always.
Mr. Baashe also told the press that the opposition leaders from WADANI cannot lay a standard presence in the parliament as they wonder around the building when the parliament is in session not fully participating but rather talking their own matters sitting in groups.
On Sunday, 4th January, the members of parliament agreed upon the minor adjustment to Police act of which more than 55 members are required to refurbish according to the act but yet only 53 members are present, that means it can’t go ahead
The declaration reached so far is a political commotion shaped by the opposition leaders and the chairman of WADANI party Ciiro which led to most of the jurisdiction made by the members nullified. And it isn’t the best and never happened before in the Parliament of Somaliland. Said Mr. Baashe.
The Deputy Speaker finally alleged that there are no proceedings to go ahead until the Speaker of Parliament himself came back from his trip to Djibouti and Emirates countries and that the law should be followed according on how it is put by the Democratic Republic of Somaliland.