Somaliland: The new dawn of stability expected in El-Afwein


Somalilandsun- The Minister of Interior Hon. Mohammed Kahin Ahmed yesterday witnessed the beginning of a new era of peaceful and harmonious setting in El-afwein district.

The new dawn of stability follows pacification work that the minister has been spearheading for the past fortnight where he has been with a delegation of the Guurti security committee, the Sanaag Regional governor and local security chiefs.

With the presence of the local district court officials, several personalities were sworn in a ceremony of oath-taking to bind the belligerents from amongst the opposite communities members whereby recurring skirmishes in various incidences have been witness in the recent past.

The President of the Republic H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi had directed that ways and means to fully stop incidence between brethren communities, especially recurrent skirmishes, should be addressed immediately.

15 members from each side, their traditional leaders and next of kin of 8 and 7 victims (per side) who perished in the skirmishes were sworn.

It is expected that deliberations to put an ultimate stop to the recurrent rivalry would continue in the next few days.

This is indeed a new dawn of a new chapter of stability given the calm aura of the conciliatory talks going on.

By M.A. Egge