Somaliland: The municipal election is story that should draw our attention


NEC logo 1By: Abdulrahman Mead – activist

Somalilandsun-The municipality election are a prelude to take over political life this is an extremely delicate view point when the matter is related to political parties competing for municipal election through individuals who belongs to the parties these elections are a prelude to determine the influential party in the parliament.

Given the significance of such election

The European Union allows anyone who resides in the municipality if such a person is a citizen of the European Union and resides at the municipality regardless of his nationality.

Such a matter will let us ponder into the political effect of such election.

In the world of leaders making there are more than 70% of the leaders of democracy who has experienced municipal elections one can believe that there is no election without municipality.

Experts are of the opinion that control of the elected municipal council over positions and municipal contracts and contracting companies is very decisive matter which gives election economic and political power.

In Somali land we should ponder to rectify details of this elections which for long time has no legislation in the developed world it is impossible to postpone municipal election only in case of actual declare war.

But we do postpone elections and why we failed to abide by law in this regard.

The outcome of our election will be undoubtedly active blood who Morris Doverje, says that they should start in the municipality till the top.

We do not over state when we connect his statement with our need to introduce active blood in all details and institutions of the state and government.

I will say it bluntly it is time to stop such slackening we have been silent to give opportunity to overcome mistakes but should not continue the mistake.

We can define the municipal council elections as an organized process to transfer the votes to the seats in the municipal council to be occupied by persons representing the interest of the nationals who have chosen them and the municipal council is a municipal power which practice specific tasks under the law.

Such elections will allow within the limits of the municipality that such people should have joint liability and accountable before official authorities and that means more participation in decision making process and in the management of local affairs so this will allow room for table participation and responsibility.

But the clandestine aspect of this election that it make the relation between the members of the municipality and the public and this is the relation of democracy which makes a political places for the parties to got seats in the parliament and to form the government.

Election tactics in such elections are not more sophisticated than parliamentary election but they are clear in rendering service though they have political dimension.

In victorious making in the municipal elections there are complicate network and some times obscure to make a star even some experts in the countries which are interested in the chief of the municipality more than an interest in the prime minister because the municipal chief will be one day the future leader of the government as the case in France with Chirac.

Powers are assumed in the municipality by a council which practice the power of the decision and control but the chief of the municipality has the power of execution and helping the municipal bodies.

In a very accurate analysis of the phenomenal of the municipal chief people find that the devotion and success of the chief of the municipality in his task will make electors more interested and trust him to gain another position though both positions are quite different but people presume that through the municipality success they can recommend him to occupy another position.

Therefore it is very logical to have interest in the municipal elections not only through legislation but also through awareness and seriousness of voting in favour of the people who deserve the same.

Municipal election in non democratic countries are weak because of the weakness of the parties and there inability to know the significance of the such elections.