Somaliland: The Misconstrued History and Quest for Somaliland’s Recognition


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Why is Somaliland not recognized

Somalilandsun- The question of Somaliland recognition is attracting attention from an unlikely and little known venue, the stack exchange network.

Debate about why Somaliland is not recognized by any country is raging though those weighing in are mostly not familiar with facts pertsining to the history of somalilamd thence misconstrued responses
According to stack exchange the introduction to the question of Why is Somaliland not recognized by any country? Reads
Quote-Somaliland is unrecognized state in Northern Somalia. While Somalia is plagued with violence and terrorism, Somaliland has remained peaceful and separated from the war. Somaliland has its own currency, bureaucracy, elected government, military, and police force. If Somalia is ranked 1 in the 2016 Fragile State Index, why don’t countries recognize Somaliland as an independent country?” -unquote
A few sample answers from participants
Maybe I’m missing something but why would countries recognize a contested region in the least stable country in the world? – JonK May 15 at 15:37
Here’s a partial answer:
First, the government of Somalia doesn’t recognize Somaliland. Any recognition of Somaliland would come over the objections of Somalia. The global community is more reluctant to legitimize such unilateral separatism. The Somaliland separatists historically had minimal economic/military clout or foreign alliances, so no one has gone to bat for them.
Second, Somaliland does not have well defined borders. De facto Somaliland is primarily territory of the Dir and Isaaq clans, but Somaliland claims all of the former British Somaliland, including territory of the Darod clan. The de facto border between Somalia and Somaliland is not stable. Recognizing Somaliland would raise the stakes of the border dispute, potentially renewing clashes. And how would one know what border to recognize without a bilateral process between Somalia and Somaliland?
The longer Somaliland retains its de facto independence, the stronger its claim to de jure independence will become. If it increases ties with players such as the US, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Ethiopia, that may further strengthen its hand. The UAE in particular is establishing a military base and port concession in exchange for perhaps $1bn in investment. colin-zwanziger

The idea of a “government of Somalia” was a joke for much of the last 31 years. – Martin Schröder May 17 at 23:24

The major argument against recognizing Somaliland for many in the international community has been that recognition of an independent Somaliland would further devastate Somalia’s efforts at organizing a functioning state. This argument has persisted for more than two decades, with Somaliland progressing while Somalia continues to teeter on the brink of anarchy. It is likely a matter of time before the issue becomes moot. /brian-z

In response to the attempt by Yumoha Pasha in setting the record straight with a brief history of Somaliland countering the premise of it requiring permission from Somalia to gain international recognition as well as the issues of boundaries etc which we at Somalilandsun found yes worthy a quick reply was
Do you claim that Somaliland had a legal right to secede from Somalia under Somalia law? Could your provide a source? – Colin Zwanziger
As the debate rages opinion and positions on the issue of Why is Somaliland not recognized by any country? Change back and forth but it appears that only a few of the debaters have an inkling of facts
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Why is Somaliland not recognized by any country?