Somaliland The Miracle that Is-Poem


By: Latifa Yusuf MasaiPoet Shadiro

Somalilandsun – In this poem “They Say Somaliland’s Case Is a Miracle” comprising eight stanzas Youthful poet Adna Abdi Shadiro lauds the success Somaliland has achieved in two decades as pertains to democracy, peace and security, law and order, freedom of speech, free market. This poem was one of the two poems the Silanyo administration took to London Conference on Somalia on Feb 2012.

According to poet Shadiro all these achievements are important thus worthy of parroting because they came by sheer resilience of Somalilanders through communal and individual efforts and with no outside help. Read the poem below

They Say Somaliland’s Case Is a Miracle

By: Adna Abdi Shadiro

They say Somaliland went to the sky

They wonder how it jumped so high

A level that made the world surprised

Making state like this history recorded

They say it is located in a dangerous region

They wonder how it survived from assimilation

Experts says anarchy and chaos spread like epidemics

Realizing that Somaliland is immune to these endemics

They say Somaliland’s case is a miracle

They wonder and ask if it is an oracle

Somalis are the same in every side

Exposing this theory’s false guide

They say democracy is a tough process

They wonder why in Somaliland is less stress

Free and fair Elections are not common in the horn

Making our enemies to sting them like a thorn

They say in Somaliland everyone can express freely

They wonder an African government not censoring highly

Free media is disliked by the African leaders

Making our presidents different from dictators

They say rebuilding needs others support

They wonder the outcome of an individual effort

Neighbours get jealous from our vibrant free markets

Hoping one day they will freely trade the same baskets

They say Hargeisa streets are safer than Nairobi highways

They wonder and ask who secures these roadways

May be the secret lies in my people’s lifestyle

Compelling failed societies to adopt this good profile

They say foreigners picnic like natives

They wonder Somalilanders hospitable manners

Cafés and restaurants are full of outsiders

Grasping that Somaliland is among the civilizers

Oh Allah! The almighty, Bless Somaliland with your bounties

Oh Allah! The almighty, Protect the evil eyes from all our counties

Oh Allah! The almighty, Keep my people’s solidarity

Oh Allah! The almighty, Expose our success with clarity

© 2010