Somaliland: The Machinations of the Somalia Government


President Hasan of Somalia is haunted by Somaliland

by: Hassan Mohamed Abokor

 Somaliland sun- As the weak “federal entity” in Somalia tries to manipulate the international community and at same time try to undermine Somaliland, by using hired mercenaries who neither represent nor have any credibility in Somaliland,  it would seem that current  Kulmiye administration in Hargeisa, has been eerily quiet and has at times even seemed to be doing the work of those in Mogadishu.
A good example of the latter is the recent remark, by the Somaliland Finance minister in attempting to drive a wedge between the communities in Burco, with an appalling statement, calling on certain constituents to support the Kulmiye administration because “they have a traditional alliance”. 
Such talk could lead to division and create resentment and hostility. It is exactly the kind of tension that the cohorts in Mogadishu love to see coming out of Somaliland. 
It is inexcusable that with all the machinations going on in Mogadishu, that our own Somaliland government should remain silent as the weak and ineffectual opponent makes statements like the one below written by the “prime minister of the federal entity”.
Time is of the essence. It is essential in the international diplomacy stakes that Somaliland not give up the moral and political high ground. If, as it seems, that the Somaliland government has lost patience for what it started, vis-a-vis the talks with Somalia, then it should know that continued silence on behalf of the people of Somaliland will be seen by Mogadishu as another opportunity to claim to speak for Somaliland. 
Is this apparent silence an acquiescence of the delusional chatter emanating from Mogadishu?, or has the Kulmiye administration become a toothless tiger?. 
The people of Somaliland chose a government on 26th of June 2010 to further their goals and aspirations. This is just another failure or a shortcoming of those expectations. We can forgive a minister’s abject failure, can we forgive a government that fell short on our sovereignty?.The future will decide. 
Insha Allah khayr .



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