Somaliland: The Leadership Impinged Union with Somalia


1960 Unity Agreement Soured by Siyad Bare and Latter Buried by Incumbent Somalia President” Prof. Buba
Prof Isail Hurre Bubaa

By: Mahmoud Qodah
Somalilandsun – Former unionist supporter Prof. Ismail Hurre Buba said the 1960 marriage between Somaliland and Somalia has been soured by the former late dictator of Somalia Republic Sayid Bare and latter buried by the incumbent President Hassan Sheik Mahmoud in 2016.
The former Minister for Foreign Affairs and SNM veteran likewise added that the union had failed and couldn’t work out from the side of Somalia, as he emphasized that Somalia was never ready to sustain the continuation of 1960 unity between the two countries Somaliland and Somalia.
The Professor has posted this in his Twitter account. He added that an official diplomatic recognition granted to Somaliland won’t be a benefit for only Somaliland, but also for the whole horn region.
“Recognizing Somaliland as an independent state will contribute improving the peace and stability of the horn region. As such it will be helpful to neighbouring countries including Djibouti, Ethiopia and Kenya as well, as it will become a solution for the political impasse in the horn region,” Prof. Buba added.
Prof. Buba who was a former foreign minister and diplomat before he changed his previous unity based political thought, he has been a politician who had a political ideology that favours and espouses the continuation of some form of political union between the two countries (Somaliland and Somalia).
In recent times, Prof. Ismail Hurre Buba was comprehensively advocating for the well-deserved rights of Somaliland Republic to gain an international recognition granted by the international community. He mainly posts recommendations and suggestion on guidelines that can lead Somaliland to have an international diplomatic recognition on his Twitter account. He particularly advised for Somaliland government and media not to use ‘succession’ as really Somaliland isn’t a secessionist state, and instead use by adhering ‘reclamation or re-instatement of independence’ policy, as he justified that Somaliland didn’t succeed from Somalia, but a different country, which had made a merger with Somalia in 1960, and after that marriage failed, Somaliland reclaimed its sovereignty 1991.
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