Somaliland: The Kulmiye Dollars Induced Wadani Defections


MP Abdirahman Mohamed Jama Aw Hoog says Wadani party Defections were dollar induced and of no Consequencies

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The recent defections by some Wadani party members has been attributed to coercion by bribery by the administration and ruling party Kulmiye.

This is per Somaliland Member of parliament and senior Wadani party Functionary Abdirahman Mohamed Jama ‘Aw-hoog’ during a press briefing in Hargeisa where he revealed that the defections were good for the party since those who fell prey were unprincipled.

The fiery MP also took issue with some local media houses which he termed as being misused by the government through handouts thence tarnish the opposition party.

“Am surprised at some local TV, Newspapers and websites that shelved our news on being handed out a few dollars by the government but come running to us whenever they are put behind bars by the same authorities.

Aw-hoog who urged media houses to be impartial as they are the providers of information to the public also took issue with the state owned media houses that are now perpetually the mouth piece of the government and ruling Kulmiye party.

“When was the last time you watched or read anything positive about Somaliland opposition parties aired or printed by state owned media houses “quipped the legislator as he reminded the fourth estate that the first three years of the Silanyo administration in office more journalists were arrested than in the past 20 years put together.

On the issue of defections MP Aw-Hoog said that the few hungry individuals who departed the party in an assumed huff while accusing it of nepotism were of no consequences to its future though they did so for want of money.

In a span of less than sixty days this year a number of Wadani party officials announced their defection from the party presumably as a result of nepotism among them senior party officials namely

According to Aw Hoog these Defectors were paid by ruling Kulmiye party

1. Ms. Faraha Abdi Doobale – the party’s universities coordinator

2. Suleiman Abdi Diriye – mobilization secretary

3. Mahmud Abdilahi- Youth leader

4. Abdirashid Riyo raa – planning secretary and

5. Mustafa Qodah – Interior secretary among others

All these party officials resigned after they were approached and given some bribery ranging from $1000-$3000 by a Kulmiye party Member of Parliament and senior government official (Names Withheld) informed the opposition party MP who further revealed that the only legitimate Wadani party membership resignation was the one by popular artist Sahra Halgan.

Artist Sahra Halgan said to be only one to leave the party without payment

Apart from Sahra Halgan all the above defectors did so for want of money while being fed the line “I resign because Wadani is a tribalistic party” which is what they all said during their paid for ;press announcements”

Urging the government to scrutinize its activities carefully since current events are bent on destroying gains garnered through blood and sweat MP Abdirahman Aw-Hoog also wondered why the administration has kept silent on resignations by senior party and government officials especially the three of this year 2015 alone.

“while you are paying Wadani party members to defect will you tell Somalilanders who paid Former Finance and Trade ministers Abdiaziz Mohamed Samale and Abib Diriye Nuur Timaáde respectively to resign as well as deputy planning minister Abdikarim Ahmed Moge to resign”‘Aw-Hoog queried the government.

L -R Abdiaziz Samale Abdikarim Moge and Abib Timaáde resigned ministerial postions

According to the Wadani party functionary the three resignations cannot be compared with the lowly ones of his party since the three ex-ministers are highly educated and skilled both administratively and politically

“These ministers resigned after they observed at first hand the rot existing within the government of president Silanyo and being whom they are they could not stomach it and face themselves in the mirror at the same time.

In conclusion MP Abdirahman Aw-Hoog thanked some principled parry officials who were approached with large sums of money to defect but refused.

Wadani party leadership has fortified its ranks after the wave of piaid defections

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