Somaliland: The Invisible Man in Our Community


Proud and Successful Ali Mahud Negates the negative stereotyping of Somalis in North America

Somalilandsun – I would like to tell a true story about a man in our community in the diaspora he is living here in North America and he is name is Ali Mahamud Hirsi, he is a successful business man and he is not a Somali sterotype and he is a Somali success story and he is 33 years old and single and very rich, a tall man about six foot four inches with the Somali features and very built and a handsome young man with soft hair and no balding yet.
My point is that people are saying negative things about Somalis in North America in the media but this young man closes the chapter on sterotypes and he is the positive step of our community and he came here to North America when he was only a year old with his mother and his 3 sisters and brother and letter on his father came to join them in their new life in North America and he grew up in a rough neighbourhood and his parents had to make sacrifice and his father back home in Somalia was a respected business man who ran an import export business and his mother was a professor of political science at the university of Mogadishu. Ali Was born in Mogadishu Somalia on April 29 1981 and he is father is from the isaq clan and his mother is from the hawiya clan. Due to tribal conflicts and discrimination especially to the isaq clan his father had enough and he rather sell his business then to have him or his family killed or arrested by the government, No matter how educated his father was or how much money he had and who was the bill gates of Somalia at that time and he could not a visa for his family to leave the country in order to have a better life so what he did on August 2nd 1982 he decided that make a personal delivery to Ethiopia by driving when one of his trucks there for the shipment to Addis Ababa and inside the truck were his wife and kids and they were inside the container so that the police and military won’t suspect anything and that he was not searched because he had a name in Somalia, So they safely made it Ethiopia in 3 days and while they were there Ali’s father Mahamud want the US embassy in Addis Ababa and he got them a Visa to North America and he a week after he got himself a visa as well.
On August 12 1982 the family made it to North America and the way it pay off was the fathers money and that he prayed to Allah that his family would make there and his prayer was answered. A week after that Ali’s father joined them in their new lives in North America and his parents had to make a sacrifice his father in order to support his family had to be a taxi driver and his mother had to be a secretary at the immigration department. Years have went by and Ali had to go school and he and his family were living in a rough neighbourhood and he had to a rough school and letter his parents took an all white school where the students were fascinated by his skin color and that they were rough to him and they were beating and calling him names and the teachers were like this to him that he will never amount to anything and that he cannot be a doctor, lawyer, engineer business man or an airline pilot and they said that he can only become a janitor and so what he did is that he worked hard and he graduated from elementary school with high grades and in high school they were still calling him names and that he will never amount to nothing in life and he proved them wrong and he graduated with high school with high grades and a lot of academic awards. University was easy for him and he had no problems and kept his faith of Islam and he prayed to Allah that he will reach somewhere in Life take his family out of the ghetto and his dreams came true when graduated with an MBA in 2004. He got a good job working at the stock market and he made a six figure salary and he bought his parents a house and he bought his mother a brand new suv and jewelry and he bought his father a brand new Cadillac and that point his father returned to his homeland of Somaliland after many, many years of absence and he want to open his import export business and that turned out it successful again and he opened an airline company as well and he was the top of the world in Hargeisa and he was respected man again and this time in his hometown of Hargeisa and he is still the richest men in Hargeisa and his mother Faduma joined his father and she opened up her own business in Hargeisa and that business is a successful furniture store in Hargeisa and she is the richest woman in Hargeisa and Somaliland as well. His parent were fed up with their lives in North America after their children would grow up and get an education and a job they returned back home.


Ali still works as a stock broker and he has a second job as a businessman running his own company in North America and he is trying open his second branch in Somaliland’s Capital Hargeisa.
His company is a group of companies which consists of import export and transportation and banking and money transfers, and he makes millions and millions of dollars every year with his business and he makes $ 150000 a year with his a job as a stock broker. It was first in the community people were talking about the young Ali and they were suspicious of him and it first they thought he was a drug dealer because he was driving a BMW and wearing a $ 2000 dollar suit and he proved them wrong when he gave them his business card. In Hargeisa the boy is very well respected there not only because of his title and the fact that he is the son of Duke Mahamud as he is known in Hargeisa or that he has a big mansion or drives a late model land crusier there. It’s the fact that he is a good muslim and that he kept his religion and faith and culture to reach somewhere and that Ali and his family are very giving people and the give their time to the less fortune and the help the needy and orphans and they also contribute to the mosques there. Ali you can say that he is a Somali and muslim success story and the young man still has his faith and culture and that’s only you reach life is to worship and pray to Allah for your wishes to be granted and to help those in need. I am very close family Friend of the Hirsi’s and I helped them settle here in North America and they are a true success story and tomorrow another article will be written of Ali sister Mariam and her success and how she kept her faith and gave back to her country.
Dualeh Warfa North America