Somaliland: The investment of Berbera port is paramount for the Horn of Africa Region


Berbera port

Somalilandsun- Somaliland  has been seeking international recognition for the last decades, and thestate has employed different instruments to convince the international community to recognize its statehood. Although the country has met the necessary requirements to become independent state, but it is not recognized at all. Somalilanders are insisting upon getting recognition and they are looking forward to result of the dialogue that the Somaliland government opened with its Somaliacounterpart. 

Lack of international recognition is both political and economic hindrance to the country, therefore we can’tattract international investors to our local complementary resources. Although Somaliland is enjoying de facto existence,entering into an economic agreement with foreign country is not an easy job. Thus our economyis invested locally with our own limited financial resource. The DP world investment of Berbera port is going to be the first considerableforeign investment that the Somaliland has ever signed, hence all somalilanders should reinforce and respect it.

The strategic location of the Berberaport is not enough for it to be acompetent seaport, rather, weneed to modernize and expand it so that it becomes an important source of national income. This big project is vital to our economy in many ways, for example it can create hundreds of jobs to our unemployed youth and can make our country a business center that connects the horn of Africa to rest of the world. In addition to that, this investment inspires to the other foreign private and public investors to invest in Somaliland, and know that it deserves to be trusted and dealt with. Moreover, the 450 million dollars that is injected to our economy will have various multiplier positive effects on the livelihoodof the economically vulnerable citizens, for that reasonthe opposition parties shouldnot disturb the parliamentary approval of this agreementApart from the significance of this investment to us, it is also paramount for the region of horn of Africaand the landlocked neighboring Ethiopia will benefit from this investment.The DP wordinvestment of Berbera port is not something we got by chance, conversely it has been through longprocess of negotiation and colloquy which must not be jeopardized. Finally I would like to thank the government of Somaliland for this historical achievement.   

Mohamed Kunle