Somaliland: The Injustices and Overwhelming Political Inequality in Somalia


By: Abdirizaq Muse

Somalilandsun – The current government of Somalia is Believed and recognized as a federal republic which represents all the Somali population but the reality is that many Somali people feel humiliated and betrayed.
The Somali republic was born as the result of the union of Somali land which was a British protectorate and southern Somalia which was Italian colony the current government of Somalia marganilized many regions for example the President the prime minster and the speaker of the parliament and the most powerful ministers are all descended from southern Somalia or what was known as Italian colony as a whole
this shows clearly that northern regions of Somalia are Betrayed and unfairly misrepresented in the political arena The government in Mogadisho failed to maintain law and order within mogodisho it self there are always chaos insecurity and wars where by in Somali land there is stability and political developments Somali land held several free and fair transparent elections which all political parties participated but unforturnately the international community always pay the attentions and fully supports the weak government in Mogadisho which is stressing. The current government also violated the constitution this government was formed and established by Somali traditional elders Somali land regions were misrepresented by wrong parties for example the people who occupy the regions of sool sanag and ayn were misrepresented by puntland they elected parliament representatives instead of their local traditional elders choosing their representatives.
The people of sool sanag and ayn regions belong historical and geographical Somali land they share common culture and destiny with Somali land therefore puntland has no right to intervene Somali land regions The people of sool sanag and ayn regions lay in the heart of Somalia they connect both regions they are the ones who play crucial role in separating or remaining united with both Somalia and Somaliland which depends on their self determination.
Somali land has failed to win the hearts of these regions who feel marginalized they were neglected and thieir voices were never heard this resulted the people of Eastern parts of Somali land to lose faith in the administration this resulted the people of these regions to come together and to decide their polotical destiny they have established their own administration known as SSC and elected Saleban Ahmed Haglotosiye they received and overwhelming confedential support from the local population they were so eunthusistic to have their own administration This first political movement was inspiration to the local people they showed that they can have their own administration.
This inspired the creation of Khaatumo State almost all the local population fully supports and believe in the leader of Khaatumo Ali Khalif Galaydh and the local tradional leader Garad Jama who was among the traditional founders who established the current federal government however they never received the intentions needed the constitution Somalia indicates that more than two regions can become State these people occupy two and half regions and overwhelming support to have their own administration and really they have the right to be independent and have their own state and its constitutional right but unfortunately neither the international community nor the federal government never respected their political will while they invested heavily in the creation of state who even don’t meet the constitutional requirements, this shows that there is no any interest in their political rally for Somalia because they don’t share any social cultural and political relationship which means no geopolitical relationship they share. since the people of these regions share common culture and geographically belong to Somali Iand.
I urge and encourage the government of Somali land to have dialogue with khaatumo committee of dialogue led by Dr Osman Hassan badawi and agree the distribution of power and resource and this is very important for the unity and the recognition of Somali land if Somali land wins the hearts of these eastern regions, it will be a great triumph for Somali land and will lead into the long awaited recognition, unless Somaliland recognizes itself and sort out its differences it will not be neither recognized nor appreciated.
Since there is no proper administration which maintains law and order In these regions and there is insecurity in the whole region this will pose a great danger to the region and beyond it will be a safe heaven for all criminal networks including terrorism, piracy . gangs , rebels, drug and arms smugglers.

Abdirizaq Muse There fore I appeal to the international community Igad the European union AOU the government of United States and the Arab leagu to put pressure on both Somali land and Khatumo to put the pen on paper and to facilitate these talks because these regions lay geographically very sensitive area which means any instability can spread and will effect the whole region and beyond. Prof..Abdirisak M. Farah a political research analyst and lecturer of Global Studies and International Relations at the University of New Generation Hargeisa Compuses