Somaliland: The Government Movement Has Reached Almost All Regions Of Somaliland” Declined Hirsi


By: Omar. A. Omar
Hargeisa (Somalilandsun). The Cabinet Secretary to the Ministry of State house Hon. Hirsi Ali Hajj Hassan commented on the ongoing presidential visits to many regions in Somaliland as the minister assertively updated on his twitter regarding the government bustle through implementing its activities.

The minister in his twits’ blogged stating “the president of Somaliland, Hon. Ahmed Mahamed Mahamoud (Silanyo) together with his ministers has diversely and continuously travelled and visit regions , towns and villages of Somaliland
The president journey to these regions is mainly for the purpose of enhancing the completion of government procedure on how to uplift the grievances and the needs of all the people by passing and considering all the needs and wants like infrastructure, education sector, health centers, peace and caring of the livestocks just to mention but a few.
The president visit to these regions is mainly to fulfill the promises amounted to the residence before and also starts new projects according to intended means and pressurized the assigned body to carry out the activities necessary as soon as possible.
The minister further lamented on the president’s stopover saying “the president can travel to all regions and villages of Somaliland anytime and his continuous visits will be shown to you collectively to feel the happiness of what the president has done to his entire citizens of Somaliland” said Hon. Hirsi.