Somaliland: The expansion of Hargeisa Water supply from Geed-deeble


By: Eng. Ali Haibe MohamedGeed-deeble provides 90% of Hargeisa Water

Somalilandsun – It was mentioned in the daily news papers that a third transmission pipe would be added to the existing two parallel pipes that bring water to Hargeisa. “From Hargeisa water agency and the ministry.”

The implementing agency is said to be UN-HABITAT, which according to the writer is not an agency that he can trust with such a sensitive project after 1998 Sheikh water project.

The boreholes in the well-field may not cope with long periods of pumping using the three transmission pipes without interfering with the existing water table which if lowered would have a very serious consequence.

Therefore the following points should be considered before implementation of the project:

1. UN-HABITAT should employ qualified water engineers

2. A committee of engineers should be formed to study the visibility of this project and subsequent follow up

This is a national issue which should not be taken lightly.

Eng. Ali Haibe Mohamed

Ex USAID/UNICEF water engineer and head of the Chinese during the implementation of this project 1971-74.