Somaliland: The Essence of Being Somalilander part 3


our country our pride

Somalilandsun – Somaliland is Africa’s top country and it has allot of things recognized Countries do have, and it has more things.

Somaliland is not like Somalia where it has been facing civil war for a quarter of a century now and that Somaliland is the polar opposite from Somalia, even though we have the same religion, same culture, and same language, at the same time we are not a like and we are different and separate countries that Somaliland went it’s separate ways one spring day in 1991, and years went by and Somaliland still doesn’t have recognition. Somaliland is a stable and peaceful country with an improving economy and developing health care and education, and roads, buildings, stadiums, job creation, youth opportunities, foreign investments, diaspora investments, local investments.

Inshallah God Willing Somaliland soon will get the recognition it deserves from the international community and the government of Somaliland will have a seat in the UN in Manhattan, New York city. The fight for the recognition of Somaliland can’t only come from the government of Somaliland, we the people of Somaliland inside Somaliland or scattered allover the world have take steps. The most patriotic landers in the diaspora are the ones in the UK and Europe, they always fight for Somaliland’s recognition and developments, they get together in Somaliland during the summers or when they move back and they have created their own neighborhoods. The Somalilanders Here in North America, The United States, and Canada to be exact, are not even patriots and they don’t give a darn about Somaliland’ s recognition, and development and they are always fighting with each other like an old married couple, and we live in Denial when we look at this article and we got angry and see that is not true and this not the Somaliland way that is the Somali way and we are a different from Somalis, Somalis never admit there mistakes and we Somalilanders always do admit to our mistakes, and the landers in North America took that culture.

We that me included the Somalilanders in North America, are cowards, traitors, and don’t love our country and the only time we get together are may 18th parties to shake our behinds and when the president of Somaliland is in the DC area for his North American visit and that is not enough we need to be like the Somalilanders in the UK especially in the city of Shiefield where they unlike us have guts and we don’t. We don’t speak to our MPS, congressmen, Senators, City councilors, and alderman. We need to take a stand and we need to fight for Somaliland’s recognition and we were sleeping for 25 years in North America for Somaliland’s recognition and now we should fight for Somaliland and take the right steps, and there should be a committee in North America to organize a group to collect signators for the petition of Somaliland getting recognition and that the American and Canadian Somalilander should take full part of the signature of the petition so that I can go through Washington DC, and Ottawa as quickly as possible. Yes we may not get along with each other but this is for country and please do the right thing for the recognition of Somaliland. I also have noticed the developments of the country that the landers in Europe and the UK to a key role to the projects, and we the landers in North America are always fighting with each other and we don’t take part in the developments of Somaliland especially the roads, and what about the health care, education, and so for fourth. The landers In North America did not take part in the road developments in Somaliland. I suspect that the Landers in North America want to join with Somalia, with their attitudes. That will never ever happen that Somaliland and Somalia will reunite and that Somaliland deserves to get recognition. The oldest Somaliland diaspora are the ones in the Middle East and they don’t have a say and they can’t fight for Somaliland’s recognition over there in the gulf, they can only have gatherings and may 18th parites and they can’t go to the governments of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, and Omen for the request of Somaliland’s voyage to become a fully recognized nation because democracy there in the Arab countries don’t exit and that they are not citizens of those countries and that goes for the Somalilanders in Egypt and North Africa. The Aussie and Newzealanders are also taking part of the recognition battle of Somaliland. The Somalilanders in Asia are taking part as well. That leaves the North Americans out of the picture. and for the sad part. The Somalilanders In North America are more then the landers in the UK, especially the Landers in Canada where they are biggest Somaliland diaspora even bigger then UK Landers. After Somalilanders have settled in some places in Africa and the middle east, they came to the UK and they are oldest Somalilanders groups living the west. Somalilanders in the UK have lived there for 20, 30, 40, and 50 years and some have been living there since 1954 and some have been living there for since the begging of the 1900’s. The Somalilander’s in the US have been living longer in the US then the Somalilander’s In Canada, They have been living there since the 60’s, and more Somalilanders and Somali were starting to come to the state in the late 1970’s, for education, better life, employment. Somalilanders in Canada have been living here in Canada since the early 80’s and more where starting to come from the years of 1986 to 1993. and we are the biggest population in the diaspora. We are not taking cooperating with our country and we don’t get together inside Somaliland, the landers from North America should have meeting together discuss and to have connect with the government officials and for the landers of Canada to invent ministers of Somaliland and the president and Canada is the only country where any presidents of Somaliland have not visited and the president visit Canada the friendly nation, and we the landers in Canada and the US should be ashamed of our selves for no taking part of our country and I hope this message gets to their head.

Guled Guled