Somaliland: The Equitably Distributed 33 Member Post Independence Parliament of 1960


Versus the contested 82 member house which is biased to some areas and clans plus the bloated cabinet that requires an amphitheater to hold meetings

The contended 82 seats of the Somaliland parliament

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun- Despite assurances from all stakeholders both internal and external presidential and parliamentary elections might not take place on 28th March 2017 as slated.
This anomaly is as a result of the stalemate over distribution of the 82 seats allocated parliament by the constitution towards regional representation at the very August house of Somaliland.
Parliamentarians supported by some traditional leaders especially from the western region of Awdal have been clamouring for a revision of the manner in which the 82 seats have been distributed, as they claim that their people have been short changed.
The subsequent hulabahoo that has ensued rests on the shoulder of president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo who is expected to issue an executive order after leaders of the three political parties failed to reach consensus.
With the three from Ruling Kulmiye, opposition Wadani and UCID encumbered by their interests in forthcoming elections in which they are contestants Somalilanders remain hopeful that the subsequent but very difficult decision courtesy of the executive order shall be respected by all.
On the other hand difficult to apportion the 82 seats regional equitable as it is and not politically but in lieu of the fact that, make up of the current house membership is neither composed from landmass or population, the timeframe of the forthcoming time frame might be intrigued upon, especially if the legislators mostly from Awdal but with tacit support from others, read Sool, Sanaag and Sahil, refuse to compromise.

First elected 33 members of the Somaliland parliament With the anomaly of the ambiguous distribution of parliamentary seats , that discernibly favour some areas, read clans, it is worth reminiscing on the country’s first elected parliament of 1960 that managed post independence affairs from Britain. Click link to read names of legislators, region of representation and personal profile
The parliament had thirty three members who were elected with an equitable representation by the various clans in Somaliland in mind, thence none were left out or over/under represented.
Similarly the ensuing 33 parliamentarians selected a slim cabinet from five stars of its membership again with an equitable regional, read clan, composition as opposed to the existing over bloated one with over fourth ministers some with very preposterous departments.
The 1960 cabinet was made up of 5 MPs namely
1. Mohamed Ibrahim Egal (Somaliland First Minister)
2. Garad Ali Jama
3. Ahmed Xaji Duale Keyse
4. Xaji Yusuf Iiman and
5. Xaji Ibrahim Nur
Somaliland opposition political party leaders at meeting with president SilanyoWhile the argument here is long and justified by many breaking the existing equitable regional representation in the House of Representatives which the Somaliland parliament’s lower chamber must consider the issue of either landmass or population thence proportional representation.
While landmass and population of relevant regions is the poignant point others like establishing a quota system that allocates a certain number of seats to women, minority clan-Gaboye and disabled persons must be in the menu too.
Though the present day parliamentary representation is made up haphazardly without consideration to equitable distribution thence favouring a certain clan, it has also ensued with a regional (lopsided) representation devoid of distinct elective areas that is constituencies.
Ironically in the present case at the House of Representatives without mentioning that it has only one woman member, legislators though elected on a regional actual represent clans but without distinctively demarcated therefore identifiable constituencies.

In conclusion the only way to end this stalemate, justifiable, is to revert to the format used in 1960, thus in 2017 elect a one time legislature with a 2 years mandate of demarcating regional boundaries by either approving the current unofficial 13 or official using the original 6 while establishing individual local council and parliamentary constituencies based on either landmass or population, PERIOD.
Somaliland has 23 ministries and over 40 ministersAs for the bloated cabinet that requires an amphitheater just to hold weekly meetings, who needs it to manage public affairs for a population of 4m.
But if the over 20 universities in the country are anything to go by then all is well and let’s maintain the football match spectators size cabinet and inequitable distribution of seats at the legislatures.
List of the 1st elected parliament , cabinet and political parties in the post independence Somaliland of 1960
Somaliland 1st Elected Parliament 1960 The names of the 33 MPs elected to Parliament on the 15th Feb 1960. 1. Ali Garad Jama MP – elected from Laascanod 2. Osman Garad Mohamoud – Taleex 3. Abdallah X. Farah – Widhwidh
4. Mohamoud Yasin Sh. Muse – Oodweyne
5. Mohamed Biixi Shuuriye – Hargeisa 6. Mohamed Ibrahim Egal – Berbera Port 7. Mohamed Yusuf Geedeeye – Caynabo 8. Abdillahi Hussein Ina-Doobilkoole – Hargeisa 9. Ali Mohamed Xaji Abokor – Faraweyne 10. Sh. Barkhad Awale – Gabiley
11. Jama Abdillahi Qalib Ina-Diir-qadhaadh – Salaxley 12. Ahmed-Keyse Xaji Duale – Burco
13. Michael Mariano – Ceel Afweyn
14. Mohamed Ali Farah – Xiis
15. Abdillahi Qablan Mohamed – Laasqoray 16. Sh. Ahmed Mohamoud Dalmar – Ceerigabo 17. Ibrahim Ciid ( Iid ) – Xudun
18. Mohamoud Ahmed Salah – Jiidali
19. Xaji Ibrahim Nur – Dila
20. Yusuf Ismail Samatar – Hargeisa
21. Abokor Xaji Farah – Burco
22. Yusuf Kahin Ahmed – Laas Dhuure
23. Sh. Ali Ismail Yacqub – Duruqsi
24. Isse Jama Mohamoud – Qoryaale
25. Xaji Yusuf Iiman Guled – Berbera
26. Xaji Abdillahi Diriye – Sheekh
27. Xaji Ibrahim Osman Food – Cadaadley
28. Xaji Aden Yusuf – Bullaxaar
29. Ali Qawdhan – Mandheera
30. Sh. Abibakar Sh. Omar – Borama
31. Jama Geelle Isse – Zeylac
32. Xaji Muse Ahmed Shirwac – Cabdulqaadir
33. Abdi Hassan Buuni – Boon
Cabinet Ministers
5 MPs were elected as Somaliland Cabinet Ministers
1. Mohamed Ibrahim Egal (Somaliland First Minister) 2. Garad Ali Jama 3. Ahmed Xaji Duale Keyse 4. Xaji Yusuf Iiman 5. Xaji Ibrahim Nur.
Political Party
This is the result of the 1960 election.
SNL Party won 20 seats
USP 12
NUF 1 and

Apart from its representation by one female MP the regional seats sharing at the Somaliland parliament is under question note to readers
We shall appreciate any relevant information as pertains the 1960 parliament