Somaliland: The Edna Adan Anti-FGM Army


Edna Adan on her war on FGM

Somalilandsun- Unless we get people sitting on the mat in the villages, taking time to speak to the grandparents and the parents and the religious leaders, we lose what ground we have made on the fight to eliminate FGM,”
This is according to Edna Adan a midwife and former foreign minister of Somaliland , who underwent FGM as a child, and is currently head of her own maternity hospital, set up using funds from the sale of her house and designer clothes amassed as an international diplomat working for the World Health Organisation.

“ despite a reduction in the numbers of young girls being cut in her homeland of Somaliland and in the wider Somali nation, things are ‘slipping back argues Edna Adan in a guardian piece by journalist Mary Carson titled  ‘With my Army of Midwives, Fewer Girls will Go Through FGM’-Edna Adan