Somaliland: The Current Government Deserves Our Cooperation Rather Than Counteraction!


Eng. Hussein DeyrBy:Eng.Hussein Deyr

Somalilandsun – Beginning of this year (2013) when the U.S.A has recognized the beleaguered and rudderless government of Somalia, in all social layers and on each end of the political spectrum in the Somaliland Republic there has been an unnecessary worrisome and public hysteria created, activated and directed by some unbalanced and politically immature Somaliland politicians.

We have heard so many statements and remarks (mostly misguided and without careful consideration) voiced by those politicians such as: “our country will be isolated”, “we will be overshadowed by the government of Somalia”, “the recognition of Somalia by the U.S. will lead that all world attention goes to them and Somaliland will be forgotten”,…. and all that sort of fear-mongering noises. After all, it was all but empty alarms and misleading tactics propagated by some failed and short-sighted politicians.

Regardless of the obvious progress and diplomatic advancement of the current Somaliland government on foreign and international cooperation policy, I believe there will be always people who are prepared to take a second look, particularly those groups who are extremely think-skinned and intolerant of perceived criticism who are apparently uncommitted and unconvinced for the Somaliland’s cause. In a time of increasing hostility and animosity towards the existence of our nation aimed seriously at destabilization and destruction of our home country, we are extremely lucky to have in place a government with guts and daring instinct that is committed and determined to defend the dignity, existence and sovereignty of its people.

In a democratic constitutional state, politicians (elected or unelected) from all political spectrum have a certain social and moral responsibility towards the state and people. They are entitled to have their say and they have every right to express their views freely, but they cannot say inconsiderately everything they have in their minds. Their actions and statements must be always balanced and contemplated in relation to the public interest as well as in relation to generally accepted democratic standards.

Without a doubt we can recall the hopeless situation in which our country was when the current government of Somaliland came to power, where they have come from and where they are now. We are witnessing that the current government is on an upward spiral in terms of development, confident, credibility and social advancement. It deals with challenging issues of today as well as for tomorrow; focusing mainly on those national and international problems that really matters. Each and every government department is on the rise and is thriving at an astonishingly fast progress. In different areas; such as Education, Foreign Policy, Healthcare, Agriculture, Defence, Energy and water supply there are quite substantial and obvious changes, improvement and achievements.

Thanks to the President Ahmed Silaanyo’s inspirational personality as well as his dutiful devotion and dedication to serve and safeguard his country and nation; his government has restored the people’s belief and trust in the political system, in government as well as in the democratic system and social justice. The president repaired and realigned Somaliland’s economic, social and foreign policy with a democratic and progressive vision wherein many countries in the region and beyond would like to copy it or to try to be like. He leads a focused and determined government driven by the trust and believes in their ability, collective sense of moral and social responsibility, good governance, effort and transparency.

The president promotes and encourages tirelessly that we as a nation share the same roots, history and values as we also cherish the same fate and future. The president has countless times stressed that the things that unite us and keep our people together are far more important than those factors that divide us or create social disagreement.

Despite the immense achievements of the current Somaliland government on various fields, there should be no room for complacency, because the antagonists of our nation (internal and external) leave no stone unturned to damage the name and existence of Somaliland. The fact is that the Somaliland Republic is today more stronger than ever before to endure the ever increasing existential threat from the internal and external enemies.

As a citizen of the Somaliland Republic, I am sincerely congratulating the President and his cabinet for their exemplary achievements and well balanced and brave decisions. I also acknowledge and appreciate immensely the noble tasks that the President and his government are undertaking and their dutiful devotion and dedication to serve and protect their country and people.

Long Live the Somaliland Republic

By |Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh |Hussein Deyr |UK|