Somaliland: The Courts Are There For Belligerent Litigants-Editorial


Stringent modes of operation needed in the conduct of our affairs in achieving our aspirations

Somalilandsun – The past week have seen a lot of hullabaloos that have mostly dented the country’s image as far as petty issues that otherwise require simple legal procedural systemic management are concerned.
A small plot in the city that has been allocated to individual citizens by the state has resulted to war cries being siren-ned that has been overtly tinged by tribal trappings and, for that matter, excessively.
Simply put by the interior DG, the country has the safety nets, whose similarly safety jets, has been put in place to address litigants or such issues of whatever magnitude occurs.
Things that require legal arbitration in every sense do not deserve being sorted out through the media.
Moreover, to have the simple, otherwise court of law manageable case to be tried by clan heads and tribal chiefs at the expense of peaceful stability, again publicly, is something Somalilanders cannot stomach.
As for rhetoric, every clan or community have individuals who have good longue-lashing prowess.
To use this as a way of provocations such as to cause chaos is similarly something that can never (and should never) be allowed.
Any individual or groups of individuals, or any private (or otherwise) institution for that matter have all the rights to take issues to court if they have any qualms against any individuals or institutions whatsoever.
Any belligerent person(s) or bodies (ies) have the courts open and ready to serve them.
Once again, we state here clearly for the readers of this column that SL is not there to be dented by anybody for anything that the country does not deserve.
In the same breath, the same people who claim patriotism should be patriotic enough and put in action the patriotism they boast of and patriotically follow the laid down procedures to address matters that they deem feel addressing, according to the laid down procedures.
Individuals are there to pass but SL is here to stay. The country should never be made a laughing stock.
Meanwhile as concerns patriotism and the country’s integrity, we call upon the state to double the efforts as far as the recognition issue and the defence of the land is concerned.
We have witnessed very vividly how enemies of the country have taken to overdrive in the offence of our essence. Led by the TFG state of Mogadishu, this first naked offence unleashed was undermining, going against the essence of SL’s belonging through efforts of insurgencies and reneging and openly flouting all the rules of the engagement and its respective protocols as far as the SL-Somalia talks was concerned.
This was made sooner rather than later when the talks kicked-off.
Hotly on the heels have shamelessly been followed by words, ill-innuendoes and direct actions that both openly and subversively undermined the essence of the being of the nationhood of SL.
We can’t go chronologically over all the misdemeanors to outright acts of subversions subjected to us since they are quite known and clear.
We, once more, call for stringent measures and equally stringent modes of operation in the conduct of our affairs as we strive to achieve and concretely build our structures to completion.
The aspirations of the people and country of Somaliland is non-negotiable and foregone conclusion; let everyone be thus reminded.
editorialAn original editorial of The Horn Tribune a weekly English newspaper published in Hargeisa by the state owned Dawan Media Group