Somaliland: The country Deserve better than Negative Opposition Politics


UCID and Wadani party bosses at an opposition parties conference in Hargeisa

Somalilandsun – The country deserves much more than mere negative political lip services, name callings and petty opposition politics.

Looking back over the years, our parliamentarians have done nothing other than empty rhetoric and mere lip services; thus given the amount of the supposed work they have done vis-à-vis the over decade time they have been in office.

For one, they have not done much on the constitutional needs as far as policies, inconsistent and overlapping laws, and better still, constituent members’ needs are concerned.

The lukewarm services that we have been treated to and seen from our MPs are of monumental size that this column is not enough to address it.

However what is now perturbing is the opposition obsession with petty politicking at the expense of stability and national building.

The populace has more than once depicted, stated and swore that they are not for chaotic retrogression.

They have time and again stipulated at every available opportunity that they demand and deserve peaceful stability and harmony, progress and better future for our posterity.

It is in this spirit that we urge everyone concerned that petty bickering should be put to a stop fully hence the necessary issues addressed. It true that useless war of words are as time consuming as any retrogressive mist-steps taken.

The members of opposition should not be lent ears if they dwell on uncommon-sensical petty issues.

They should only be given a hearing if they do indulge in issues that build the nation or embark on the real duties expected and needed from them of intellectually putting the state in check as any other upright opposition officialdom elsewhere on earth.

Our time is money and very, very, dear to us.

They should not be allowed to squander our chances of achieving our aspirations.

If anything they should be told boldly and squarely to put their houses in order and do what is sensibly expected of them.

On the other hand, the government should continue with what it is doing by prioritarizing the developmental aspects and public services for the people as they have all along been doing.

As for the politics going on, we expect the government would walk along its line humbly hence in par with the whims, wants and wishes of its subjects.

We say no to confrontational petty politicking. We do not want anything that would render us asunder just as we do not want, at all, to have our harmonious setting get disrupted.

So too, do we not want the smooth development projects going on get hampered.

No uncalled for hurdles should we allow to be put on our paths as we struggle along our aspiration journey of self-determination

We should say no to lip services and demand concrete ones.

Somaliland is dearer than the petty opposition politics.

An original editorial of The Horn Tribune English weekly published in Hargeisa by the state owned Dawan Media Group