Somaliland: The Conundrum in Eastern Regions Exacerbates


• As Sool Women Castigate Khatumoist Secession Machinations and
• Puntland arraigns a Somaliland citizen in a Badan district court while
• Hargeisa authorities Dispatches military reinforcements for Khatumo III and Hengalool meetings deterrence’s it terms as infringement on territorial integrity intent on bloodletting

Section of Sool region women meeting particpants in Las Anod town where they castigated Khagtumoists

By: Yusuf M Hasan
LAS ANOD (Somalilandsun) – Just like any other Country in the world Somaliland cannot sustain two parallel administrations running simultaneously.
This was the mutual concurrence of a women’s meeting held in the Sool regional capital of Las Anod where the central government in Hargeisa was urged to act fast and ensure that plans by some secessionist politicians to hold the Khatumo three meeting in Taleeh town come to naught.
The women who were reacting to some media reports (verified by Somalilandsun as false) that the Khatumo III tribal conference in Taleeh has started blamed some self-seeking politicians led by Somalia Member of parliament Ali Khalif Galayd of being responsible.
“We urge the central government in Hargeisa to work closely with Sool regional authorities and ensure that the purported clan meeting which is a secession conference does not take place” said the women.
Attributing never ending communal difficulties in Sool region to the MP Galayd led Chief Khatumoist Prof Ali Khalif Galayd with flag of failed Khatumo Statesecessionists bent on creating a Khatumo state to be hived-off parts of areas under the administrative jurisdiction of Somaliland the Sool women said they and their families are tired of never ending confrontations with the country’s legitimate government and want to participate in national activities thence accrue benefits similarly with other regions of Somaliland.
Watch the Sool Women Khatumo Castigating Meeting
According to the mayor of Taleeh local council Jama Isse Shau’ur who spoke to Somalilandsun on phone the reports of Khatumo III having started are false and based on propaganda intent on amassing in the historic town of Somaliland political rejects from Sool region.
Meanwhile the government has warned that holding any anti-Somaliland meeting in any part of the country will result in severe and appropriate reprisals, terms the Khatumo III as a conference intent on starting a bloodletting among peacefully co-existing communities.

Mayor Shauur

This is according to the presidential advisor on Eastern regions Fuad Aden Adde during a press briefing in Hargeisa where he also revealed that military reinforcements have been dispatched to both Sanaag and Sool regions to deter any mischievous activities by a few malcontents under the pay of Somalia unionists.

Echoing the sentiments of Sool women, the presidential advisor said that the hue and cry coming out of the Eastern regions is the work of a few self-seeking led by Somalia MP Ali Khalif Galayd and under the pay of Puntland.

Thanking Garad Jama Garad Ismail who after recanting his secessionism and reconciling with Somaliland authorities, Fuad Aden said this move by the chief traditional leader from Sool region backing Khatumo and not military might alone has ensured that neither Khatumo III nor a Khatumo state is tenable.
informing that Somaliland will no longer accept disruptive political machinations orchestrated by Fuad Aden AddePuntland authorities in Garowe, the Fuad Aden Adde the Somaliland Eastern regions presidential advisor who incidentally hails from Sool region added that sufficient military might is on standby and shall be used in case the Galayd led political rejects continue with their intent to crusade for the 23 years dead union with Somalia by creating mischief.
Meanwhile in Sanaag region another eastern region of Somaliland, a citizen has been arraigned in court in Badan district headquarters and sentenced to lengthily prison term by a judge acting on behalf of the Somalia administrative region of Puntland.
Our Sanaag reporter informs that Mr. Saeed Godane was abducted from his Frankincense collection base in Erigavo district’s coastal area of Lasa Surud by Puntland coast guards was subsequently charged in a court in Badan and sentenced for being an alleged pirate.
while neither the Sanaag regional Authorities nor central government in Hargeisa are yet to issue an official statement on the abduction and subsequent imprisonment of citizen Saeed Godane by Puntland, both areas of abduction (Lasa Surud) and sentencing (Badan) are deep inside territorial; boundaries of Somaliland

Badan team in Puntland regional sports tournament
Other reports indicate that heavily armed military reinforcements have been dispatched to Hengalool district in Sanaag region as deterrence to a proposed tribal meeting funded by Puntland.
on the other hand the Somaliland ministry of youth and sports is yet to explain the circumstances that led to four basketball teams, two each from Sool region Buhodle and Taleeh districts) and Sanaag region Badan and Dahar districts) taking part in Puntland regional sports tournament that started in Garowe on the 10th June 2014.
The irony of the issue is that the team from Sool region participating in the Puntland tournament took part in a similar one held in Hargeisa last year.