Somaliland: The Chief Justice Reinstates Guleid Ahmed Jama’s License to Practice Law


Guleid Ahmed Jama of HRC reinstated as a lawyer

Somalilandsun-  Today, 11th June 2016, the Chief Justice issued a decree annulling previous ministerial decision that revoked Guleid’s license to practice law. The ruling of the Chief Justice stated that the minister had no power to terminate the license. He also rules that being member of a human rights organization is not incompatible with legal practice. Guleid Ahmed Jama is the chairperson of Human Rights Centre. 

 On 16th May 2016, the Minister of Justice circulated a letter in which he revoked Guleid’s license to practice law. In his letter the Minister argued that Guleid’s work as the chairperson of Human Rights Centre is incompatible with the legal practice.  

“Human Rights Centre welcomes and appreciates the decision of the Chief Justice. We thank to the individuals, organizations and countries who advocated for the case of Guleid. We are very grateful to you. Your interventions helped us in a hard time.  Although since 16th May Guleid was unable to practice his profession and help his clients, whom majority are pro bone, we welcome this new development,” says Hana Abdisalaan Mohamed, the deputy chairperson of Human Rights Centre. “Human Rights Centre is committed to continue working despite the pressure mounted on it,” she adds.  

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