Somaliland: The CDI Twisted Essence of Talks with Somalia


Somalilandsun: The insinuations of Somaliland rejoining a federated Somalia proliferated by Conflict Dynamics International-CDI are set to misguide the donor community as a prelude to continued funding.
The CDI allusion to a rejuvenated federal Somalia with Somaliland as an active partner member were made through a briefing paper titled Cultivating Consensus – Exploring Options for Political Accommodation and Promoting All Somalis Voices that has received a scathing critique from Mohamed Ahmed Mohamoud and Mohamed Abdilahi Duale.
In their arguments against the CDI paper the authors say it shall never be tenable for Somaliland ever Ilka'asereuniting with Somalia as pertains to the overwhelming wishes of 97% of Somalilanders who voted AYE to withdrawal in a 2002 referendum but to the collapse of the then 1960’s overarching goal of creating a greater Somalia in the Horn of Africa consisting of the five Somali speaking regions partitioned during European era of colonialism- namely 1- Somaliland British Protectorate, 2- United Nations Trusty Territory of Somalia under Italian administration, 3- Haud and Reserve area under Ethiopian administration 4- Djibouti under French administration and Northern Frontier District (NFD) of Kenya.

BarawaaniTerming the Briefing Paper as devoid of any coherent sensibility, rationality and realities from the ground, by inference that Somaliland’s sovereignty can be modified on the basis of federalism because it’s self-rule is only an act perpetrated for political interests the authors Mohamed Ahmed Mohamoud (Barawani) who is an Independent Researcher and Author of Various Papers about Somaliland and Somalia issues and Mohamed Abdilahi Duale (Ilka’ase) an Independent Researcher and democratization expert and Horn of Africa political analyst conclude that the only Solution is one and one only “A TWO STATE SOLUTION” through proper facilitation, mediation and commitment of the international community under the banner of the attained through ongoing talks between the two countries.

Read the full Critique on Briefing Paper – Cultivating Consensus – Exploring Options for Political Accommodation and Promoting All Somalis Voices – Conflict Dynamics International by regular Somalilandsun contributors ‘Barawani’ and ‘Ilka’ase ‘Titled Twisting Talks between Somaliland and Somalia