Somaliland: The case of UDUB on the election boycott


Ref: UDUB/XGK/F-2-11143

TO: International Community / Election Donors of Somaliland

CC: National Electoral Commission of Somaliland (NEC)

CC: National Registration Commission

CC: House of Representatives (Lower House of the Parliament)

CC: House of Elders (Upper House of the Parliament)

CC: President of Somaliland

Subject: The deceptive Statement of National Registration Committee

The reason which prompted UDUB party to boycott the upcoming local elections was due a sinister plot to discredit the party so as to not participate the election. It was not only a mistake of the national registration committee, but it is kind of hatred, Political revenge and a deliberate decision being pushed to the National registration committee by the incumbent president.

The national registration committee has no right to revoke the presidential candidates of UDUB party whom had been elected in the Party’s Central Committee Meeting, since the Central Committee of the party according to our Constitution is the highest decision making body during the period between the Party National Conventions, and only the National Convention of the Party has the power to approve or to revoke any decisions made by the Central Committee. Here are some English translated excerpts of UDUB Constitution to clarify the illegal decision of the national registration committee:

Article 13.1. UDUB Central Committee

The Central Committee is the highest decision making body during the period between the Party National Conventions. In accordance with UDUB Party constitution, the Central Committee is also vested in the powers and duties to direct and supervise overall Party affairs.

Article 11

Duties and powers of UDUB Party National Convention

11.4. The National Convention has the powers to make necessary changes, amend, revise and approve any decisions adopted by the central committee between each two consecutive Conventions.

14.2. National Executive Committee Powers

The National Executive Committee has the following responsibilities

a) Carries out its functions usually during the period between the two consecutive Central Committee meetings

b) Acts upon the decisions adopted by the Party National Convention a/o issued by the Party Central Committee

c) Directs and oversees the Party day to day Activities

d) Ensures that Regional and District Party associations accordingly discharge their respective obligations

e) Reports to the Central Committee meetings about successful achievements and the general progress on overall operations and fronts

f) Appoints Party National Convention organizing Ad-hoc committee

g) Defines powers and duties of local executive committees

Article 23

Procedures for proposing amendments

23.1. The National Executive Committee may propose for any necessary amendments as and when it’s deemed appropriate.

23.2. The Central Committee may also put forward any proposals for amendments provided that half majority plus one extra vote agreement has been secured.

23.3. Any changes/amendments to the articles of party constitution shall be effective only by the approval of absolute majority i.e. half of all delegates in a general meeting plus one vote.

The National Registration of the parties Committee statement revoking the Presidential Candidates of UDUB (President and Vice President) was released on 4th September 2012, and it stated that the candidature of both the President and his deputy has been revoked because the party had contravened Article 11 of the constitution, and to elaborate the abuse of the article we had cited above what the article 11 of our Constitution mentions. But the question is do the party has the right to choose the Presidential candidates or new Leadership in central Committee meeting? This is will refer the article 13.1 of the party constitution which defines clearly.

Another disagreement is why the National registration Committee didn’t spoke about the new Kulmiye Vice Chairman and his deputy whom had been elected in a Central Committee meeting and, even the chairman of Kulmiye was not yet approved in a General Convention?

Why they didn’t spoke about the new Presidential candidates of UCID party which neither been Chosen in a Central Committee nor approved in a General Convention?

Why this election time being announced such a wrong and sensitive issue only with UDUB?

The current regime has won to use the National Registration Committee as the ruling party’s organ and there is an absence of constitutional governance under the cur¬rent government and the voices of the Parties and citizens are not listened to, and this will lead the country to lose the hard won Peace and Political Stability. Unfortunately, Somaliland is now run by a privileged few who do not reflect the interest and views of the majority of the population

This decision of the national registration committee was not damaged to only the Party’s Credit but truly hampered the process of democracy and peace in Somaliland.

We Appeal the International Community to intervene such deteriorating situation in a very urgent.

Thank You,

Abdi Halim M. Musa

Secretary General of UDUB Party

Acting Chairman of UDUB Party