Somaliland: The Buck Stops with Me, President Tells Opposition Politicians


Somalilandsun – While I am open to any suggestions from opposition party’s, ultimate implementation decision is mine
This was stated by Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi during an interview with BBC somali Service in Hargeisa , where he also accused Opposition party’s leaders of continuously undermining his constitutionally mandated authority.
Apart from his differences with Opposition parties the president also touched on the disastrous situation in Sool region in which clashes between brotherly clans in Dumey area 20 Kim’s South of Las Anod twin has killed and maimed many.
President Bihi said “First I extend my condolences to victims of this unfortunate and recurring event, while wishing fast recovery to the injured.
“Though many efforts have been put in effect to end the hostilities through joint mediation by government and local traditional leaders in addition to beefed up security including Ethiopian troops at the border the hostilities have refused to end”
Adding that it was his administration s mandate to ensure security for all somaliland citizens, the president revealed ongoing strategies towards sustained ceasefire and subsequent final and complete reconciliation of the two warring Sool region clans.

Stressing that all Somalilanders and Despite station in life have the right to intervene towards any conflict resolution, President Bihi also cautioned politicians Against exploitation for political capitalization of the unfortunate and disastrous conflict in Sool region.
“I also urge the media to be cautious in their reports of the conflict” said the president adding that concerted efforts to end the hostilities which now include elders of Guurti should be supported by all.
What of allegations by Opposition Parties that you are now conducting your presidential duties in a dictatorial manner having closed doors to all consultations?
President- First let me acknowledge that national consultation is part and parcel of any administration as long as suggestions and recommendations have legality but in the same breath as president implementation is my sole responsibility.
Therefore any one alluding or expecting to jump on action with any recommendation should not be disappointed nor character assassinate me in lieu, for the buck stops with me.

L-R Somaliland President Muse Bihi accuses opposition parties chiefs Eng Feisal A Warabe -UCID & Abdirahman Irro-Wadani, of demeaning his authority

So what is your official position on the allegations of dictatorial conduct by Opposition parties, especially from Eng Warabe of UCID?
President- Simply that am open to suggestions on national issues but being the elected president implementation is solely my preserve
To be specific let me touch on the recent meeting attended by UCID Party Leader Eng Feisal Ali Warabe In Brussels. He did not consult me and neither did he brief me on the agenda and subsequent outcome. But upon his return he, Eng Warabe went public that I have refused to acknowledge importance of the Brussels meeting.
Now how do you implement decisions you as president of a country are not aware of nor party to.
Ironically the meeting in question had the presence of Somaliland enemy number one, that is the president of Somalia while discussions revolved around putting economic sanctions on Somaliland more so deterring funds to the very crucial multimillion dollar Somaliland Development Fund!
With President Farmajo in attendance and Sanctions on my country as outcome, my positive action is never.