Somaliland: The British Local Council’s of Bristol and Sheffield to Support Hargeisa


As Sheffield pursues twinning while Bristol to support fire brigade Reveals deputy Mayor of Hargeisa after meetings with councils chiefs

Lord Mayor of Sheffield Talib Hussain with The Deputy Mayor of Hargeisa Abdiaziz M. Hashi

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai

Somalilandsun- The former Lord Mayor of Sheffield Peter Rippon who spearheaded the council’s recognition of Somaliland in 2014 is to visit the country soon.
This follows an official invitation extended by deputy Mayor of Hargeisa Abdiaziz Mohamed Hashi ‘Agaweine’ as a mark of honour for the former lord mayor’s support towards the council’s recognition of Somaliland.
On the 2nd April 2014 councillors from the Sheffield County unanimously voted in favour of Somaliland recognition following a a private motion tabled by Councillor Mohamed Maroof.
According to cllr Agaweine who is currently on official duties in the U.K. Somalilanders shall always remain grateful to the Sheffield council whose recognition of their country’s sovereignty heralded a changed perception by Britons thence subsequent acts by both Cardiff council in April 2014 and Tower Hamlets Council in November 2015.
Deputy Mayor Agaweine who revealed the official invitation to ex-Sheffield Lord Mayor Peter Rippon whose expected visit shall be fully serviced by both the Somaliland central government and Hargeisa municipality also informed of ongoing plans to twin Sheffield with Hargeisa following related discussions with sitting Lord Mayor Talib Hussain.
Captured here during a visit to the department of computers Councillor Peter Rippon the former Lord Mayor of the City of Sheffield is to visit SomalilaCouncilor Agaweine who apart from meeting Talib Hussain. also met most past Lord Mayors of Sheffield council with whom he shared the appreciation of Somalilanders.
After completing duties in Sheffield the Hargeisa deputy Mayor shifted base to the Bristol council where the council chiefs promised to help modernize the Hargeisa fire brigade.
“Following meetings with the Lord Mayor at his chambers, a visit to the Bristol fire brigade headquarters ensued” said Cllr Agaweine during a briefing to the Horn Tribune
Following the visit to the Bristol council firefighters a meeting with Colonel ‘Jeff’ Kevin Person who is the brigades’ commander ended with agreement on availing the Hargeisa firefighters training and equipment, said Councillor Agaweine adding that the Bristol firefighters will visit their Hargeisa counterparts for a needs assessment soon
The deputy Mayor of Hargeisa Abdiaziz Mohamed Hashi ‘Agaweine’ is credited with establishing good working relations between a number of U.K. Local councils and that of Hargeisa.

British Somalilanders celebrate in Cardiff after the council became the second one in the U.K. to recognize Somaliland