Somaliland: The Blundering Duo of UCID Presidential Candidates


“The timing of the current naivety by the duo is not only without gumption but unfortunate and detestable as well having coincided with an attack on the sovereignty of Somaliland by the covert rulers of Somalia in the guise of the International community and SFG cahoots in Mogadishu”Ali Yey

Abdirashid Mataan and Jamal Ali the without gumption and Blundering duo of UCID presidential candidates

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) Somaliland is set for a huge spiral downwards and a slide to the worst if Presidential elections slated for mid 20-15 are won by the candidates sponsored by the opposition political party UCID.
These fearful predications follows the lack of skills and understanding of national issues displayed by the UCID presidential candidate Jamal Ali Hussein and his prospective vice president Abdirashid Ali Matan as a result of either political naiveté or unintended ignorance.
Surmised below are few of the uninformed accusations and abhorrence the UCID duo has made towards various government activities, done publicly in front of cameras during press conferences and leaving a public perturbed i.e:
The query by Jamal Ali Hussein on the powers of President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo as pertains to powers of the Presidency to disband the country’s national election commission (NEC) in which Jamal Ali has accused Silanyo of usurping the constitution by purportedly announcing the expiration of NEC’s term, in addition to denying his party’s receipt of the presidential request for submission of a nominee.
In actual fact President Silanyo has not at any time announce his having disbanded the seven member electoral commission that was thought be in line to manage Presidential and parliamentary elections that are slated for mid 2015. What the President did in a decree was only to request the two opposition parties of UCID and WADANI as well as Guurti to submit names of their appointees to the new NEC that is supposed to be constituted since the mandated term of the current one has expired.
As per constitutional stipulations the sitting President and his ruling party (KULMIYE) nominate three members to the electoral body while each of the two opposition parties nominate one representative with the remaining two nominated by the Guurti which is the upper jumper of the two tier Somaliland parliament.
In his naiveté, Jamal Ali, the man who aspires to be president of Somaliland did not even blink as he accused president Silanyo of illegal conduct in addition to re-accusing the administration of a perceived intent to postpone the 2015 elections even though his boss and UCID party chairman Eng. Faisal Ali-Warabe had publicly not only acknowledged receipt of a letter from President Silanyo requesting UCID to nominate its representative to NEC but also congratulating the president on the move on the outgoing NEC.
While these are not all the blunders of the UCID Presidential candidate whose aspiration are for election to the highest office in Somaliland his continued bashing of President Silanyo, the administration and ruling party of KULMIYE are astounding in view of the fact that he and his party have not issued a party manifesto on what is the agenda for their administration thus entice voters with tangible plans for election and subsequent administration while Silanyo and his KULMIYE party have one, be it apt or not, in which they are and have for the past four years used to manage state affairs.
Now as a show of gratitude to Jamal Ali Hussein for accepting him as his Vice Presidential candidate in jumps Abdirashid Ali Matan at the same press conference with more negative sentiments and unworthy of any Somalilander aspiring to any leadership position in Somaliland.
VP aspirant Abdirashid did not shy away from accusing president Silanyo and the government specifically the ministry of health for not paying its thousands of staff nationwide salaries for the last nine months.
What is perplexing about this accusation is that it is not only false but very very erroneous considering that all civil servants everywhere in Somaliland are paid their monthly dues regularly between the 25th of the month and the 5th of the coming month if late.
In the same breath Abdirashid neither hesitated nor blinked as he accused the government of corruptly misappropriating the millions of dollars it accumulates as revenue from various sources, a so much trodden path by opposition figures that it has become not only monotonous but boring as well
While neither agreeing with him on corruption or defending the government, the UCID candidate for vice president for Somaliland neither gave any specifics of alleged government corruption nor showed any evidence for proof of the same.
To cut a very long story short it is worthy of mentioning that political opposition parties in the country that lay claim to a large support base nationwide have failed miserably in their job as watchdogs of the people while assuming that of continuously singing the same song of “government is corrupt and Silanyo has plans to delay elections thence extend his term illegally among others”
As they sing and Dance their now monotonous song of “corrupt Silanyo” in which they have never proved an iota, they have failed to satisfy their support base who feel letdown, having forgotten the number one and most important fact of a serious campaign for office which is a MANIFESTO that clearly and concisely puts plans on what to do for the country when and if elected while Silanyo and ruling Kulmiye party their political nemesis do.
Somalilanders being democratic people who hold the tenet of freedom to choose their leadership to heart are increasingly getting tired of the empty rhetoric and antics of their platform dancing opposition politicians and most likely will overwhelmingly vote, AGAIN, for Silanyo and Kulmiye not out of choice but for lack of an alternative
Of detest to landers is the timing of the press briefing and subsequent utterances by the naïve Duo of UCID presidency candidates that came when the unity in its entirety of the nation of Somaliland was apt due to the attacks on the country’s sovereignty by the covert rulers of Somalia in the guise of US, UN and EU area representatives Messrs James P. McAnulty, Nicholas Kay and Michel Cervone d’Urso plus SFG Cahoots and underlings in Mogadishu