Somaliland: The Big Bang and loud Thud Fall of Puntland’s Farole



Apart from fulfilling international obligations and enhancement of Somalia Somaliland relations The Silanyo and Sharif handshake in Dubai seems to have become a burning fire to Farole of Puntland

This presidential handshake coming in the heels of the other handshakes by TFG and SL officials at Chevening House in London has helped to finally bring out the true colours of Abdirahman Mohamed Farole the erstwhile patron of Khatuumo secessionists and acclaimed president of the Majeertenia tribal enclave of Puntland.

Farole who has been a thorn in the flesh of Somaliland as pertains to eastern Sool and Sanaag regions reached the end of his short reign as patron of anti-Somaliland elements when his own parliamentarians sitting in Garowe told him to shut up and stop opposing the SL-TFG talks that the Garowe legislators said they support wholeheartedly.

Following the signing of the Dubai charter by Presidents Silanyo and Sharif in the presence of Farole, the Khatuumo patron immediately rushed to the press this time BBC Somali service to denounce the charter, a perfect reminiscent of the about turn he made on the Istanbul conference which he had first claimed that he will neither participate purportedly because Somaliland was to be treated as a sovereign nation.

Farole recanted the non-participation claim and duly participated just as he did during the February London conference on Somalia where he had to sit at the end of the conference hall resentfully as he watched the Somaliland delegation seated with other world leaders under the three colours of the Somaliland flag.

On return from London Farole collected his underlings from the infamous Khatuumo state to declare that they will not honour any agreements reached as per article six of that conferences final communique.

The rejoinder from the TFG was to renounce its recognition of Khatuumo state as region of Somalia, a move that resulted in even the traditional leaders under the Khatuumo banner denied attendance in the Mogadishu constitutional conference then going on.

With the chief Khatuumo secessionists Ali Khalif Galayd castigating Farole and his Majeertenia clan for being vehement Dulbahante clan haters, as well as the earlier castigation by MPs in Garowe the fortunes of Farole point nowhere else but to the ground that is a sound fall from grace with a big bang and loud thud.

With the peace accord between Silanyo and Hagaltosie, the Khatuumoist fall out, Garowe MPs castigation and lack of opportunity or clout to vie for the Somalia presidency the departure of the loud mouthed Farole is just a matter of time.

This Farole departure will vibrate all over because it will be accompanied by a Big Bang and Loud Thud.

This editorial was originally published on 9th July 2012 by the Hornnewspaper a weekly English newspaper published in Hargeisa by the Geeska media group