Somaliland: The Bearable Menace


In Hargeisa and all of Somaliland even goats and other livestock enjoy peace and tranguility not to mention residents

Somaliland sun – with all due respect to residents of the capital of our neighbouring country who have to contend with daily life taking and maiming acts of terrorism those in Hargeisa have mastered the art of existing side by side with free living livestock

Captured above are goats feeding atop a vehicle at Tima’ade area in Hargeisa while below are the unofficially and unpaid Hargeisa municipality sanitation employees clearing garbage.

In a nutshell those moving around Mogadishu for one purpose or another do it on the lookout for suicide bombers as motorists in Hargeisa are on the lookout for stray livestock

unpaid Hargeisa Municipality sanitation employees at work

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