Somaliland: The Ambiguity of Silanyo’s Membership in the Kulmiye Party Central Committee

The Silnyo'a at their home in Dubai

Somalilandsun: Following its three days   4th National Conference that concluded last week in Hargeisa the Somaliland ruling Kulmiye party has released a list of 241 members of the central committee.

The list includes former Somaliland President Md. Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud (Silanyo) who is   founder of the KULMIYE party, but conspicuous absence is that of other members of the former first family, including Mrs Amina Mohamud Jirde (Amina-weris) who was a former member of the party’s central committee and his son-in-law Bashe Awil Omar the current Somaliland representative to Kenya.

It is not known whether Silanyo’s membership is ‘honorary’ accorded or whether he is an official member.

However, Geeska Afrika sources indicate that Ahmed Silanyo is expected to apologize for his membership in KULMIYE, and that his apology will be based on the exclusion of many of the former members of the Central Committee the party both men and women who are among founders

On the other hand, in the list of 241 of the Kulmiye party central committee members submitted the   numbers 50 and 49 were vacant, though no reasons were given, but the sources indicate that the two vacancies are for members of President Ahmed Silanyo’s Aden Madoobe sub clan.

Poignant in this matter is the fact that the former Somaliland first family which is currently at their residence in Dubai departed  Hargeisa  a few days to the 4th national Kulmiye party convention with reports indicating that Silanyo had returned his invitation card to the event,

The departure was reportedly in reaction to the then on-going saga for leadership of the ruling party between incumbent chairman cum Somaliland president Muse Bihi and long-time aspirant and Mahmud Abdi Hashi a close ally of Silanyo.

The Hashi challenge expiated in thin air after his registration as candidate was refused acceptance by the convention’s organizing committee thence Bihi retaining the leadership unopposed.