Somaliland: The Age of Wind Power


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Somalilandsun – The diversity of energy sources and the multiplicity of ways and methods used to generate it in any country, reflects the maturity of the energy sector of that country and its consistent keep up with the rest of the world, especially the developed and industrialized countries.

States and multinational/international companies are competing on having the world’s energy sources, and the possibility of finding alternative secondary sources in order to ensure continuity at the head of the world map.

After when the world almost consumed most of the oil and natural gas reserves, and after the quantity of those reserves became known and owned by certain countries or companies, the eyes of the world shifted towards alternative sources to ensure filling the forthcoming vacuum that would be succeeded by oil or gas.

That is why the world begins now investing in alternative energy projects, you may hear Wheat energy projects and at other times the solar energy projects, as well as nuclear energy, hydropower projects, coal energy and finally wind power.

Every one of these methods or sources is characterized by its own unique characteristics, Some are inexpensive, some are available in great abundance, some of them are friendly to the environment, and it preserves the environmental life and the growth of forests and insures the wellbeing of the Ozone, and as I said earlier in the beginning that the diversity of these sources is a sign that indicates the energy sector of a country is moving in the right direction, and the usage of these resources and methods together in a combination may bring solutions and cover the needs of the growing public and private sectors.

Let’s go back a bit to our beloved country – Somaliland – and the possibility of implementation of these large energy projects, and if it can be practically applied and on the ground in Somaliland, unfortunately and because of lack of progress in our energy sector, and also the lack of technical and scientific progress, our small economic potential, as well as the nature of the geology of our country, most of these methods and sources are unrealistic to implement in our country and put it into an actual implementation, for example, we haven’t yet reached the scientific level that allows us to extract energy from wheat, or build nuclear reactors, and also because of the nature of the geography of our country and the lack of rivers and water streams, the generation of electricity using water energy is impossible and unreasonable.

The closest sources that through it we can diversify and operate our energy sector in a functioning and stable curve, also would benefit us as substitutes or secondary sources, and we can afford it in terms of our capacity and economic potential are solar and wind power.

And what should be mentioned here, and for it he deserves much praise as matter of encouragement is the tremendous efforts exerted by His Excellency the Minister Eng. Hussein Abdi Dualeh Minister of Energy and Mining, who founded an Energy Directorate, and helped bring the solar energy method to the country especially to Burao, Togdheer region and Adna Aden Hospital, Hargeisa also his latest efforts in bringing wind energy to the country while currently he is in Milan, Italy specifically for this purpose and I ask God to help him in his journey, and actually it makes us optimistic about the future, and have a much confidence in his Excellency, who still works miracles and scores successes one after one in all aspects, and never neglected one aspect, and for that he became a subject of pride and hope for all.

Now I’ll specifically mention here the wind energy, its general benefits and methods used and I will give a general simplified explanation of its mechanism to generate electricity, so that everyone can accommodate it easily.

We live in a country in which God made many goods and wealth, our country is unique in its own way, but we are blinded by our human needs, greed, competition and we are chained by ignorance and hate for each other, back to my topic the wind speed, according to global statistics, the average speed rates recorded in Somaliland reach up to 7-9 meters per hour making it windy, this is an area has not yet been exploited, I won’t say not discovered because there were several wind power projects carried out before the Second birth of the Republic of Somaliland – before 1991- but most of them are damaged or became inoperable, so this is one of the most available and favourable areas to generate electricity that can compete with the electricity generated from diesel or diesel generators, this high, medium speed of the winds makes this method important and vital to serve the people and cover their needs, and also its cheap and competitive prices, the high price of diesel power which now reaches $1/kWh would help in promoting it, and also to provide a substitute for diesel power and the possibility of lifting pressure from one side to another as a result of having options, also the easy way of its implementing as well as its cheap equipment and minimum required maintenance over the years.

The process of generating electricity from wind is a complex process and with various multiple devices and different methodology, but to understand it generally it goes like this ” the kinetic energy of the wind blows on the angled blades which in return move the rotor and changes the kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical energy, the rotor spins and drives the generator which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy and stores it in a substation which transmits electricity through cables into the homes and different facilities”.

This achievement, just thinking of it is an achievement in itself, is the product and work of well organized and aimed ministry, the Ministry of Energy and Minerals.

Mustafe OsmanMustafe Osman Adam
International University of Africa
Pure and Applied Science
Department of Geology

Khartoum, Sudan