Somaliland: The African Diaspora As Driver of Economic Development


African the Diaspora

Somaliland sun – Some researchers argue that African migrants are now part of a large-scale, worldwide Diaspora or transnational community becoming one of the major global forces shaping the direction and trends in the twenty-first century.

They estimate African diaspora at more than eleven million who have often influenced western and eastern government policy-makers in their strategies and activities implemented towards Africa. Both individuals and groups within the African diaspora promote overseas business enterprise with their African homelands.

They undertake this activity by setting up their own enterprises in their respective countries or by collaborating with local businessmen. The researchers say that financial remittances by African diaspora to their continent of origin, has contributed tangibly towards poverty alleviation, economic development, savings, mobilization, productive investments and emergency aid.

To this effect Africa is Eyeing Diaspora As Driver of Economic Developmen