Somaliland: The Administration Denies Manipulating Elections


Voters were free to vote for their candidates of choiceBy: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – All aspects related to elections are in the domain of the National Election Commission –NEC

This was revealed by the minister of foreign affairs Dr Mohamed Abdilahi Omar at a BBC Somali service program where he distanced the government from any connection with the disputed results of the local council election held last month.

While acknowledging the existence of an election results dispute, as well as the the very minimal involvement of the government as allowed by law, the foreign policy chief said that any disputes arising should thus be directed towards NEC which is the body mandated with the organization and management of all aspects of elections by the country’s constitution.

Said he, “It is only NEC and NEC alone that is responsible for managing elections all the way from organization, supervision, vote counting and release of the results etc and not the government”

 Dr M A Omar was among the first to cast his vote/file While urging those with election related grievances to put their act together Dr Mohamed A Omar said the government is not responsible thus the proper channel is NEC on failure the aggrieved should pursue settlement in a court of law as per the dictates of the constitution and election laws.

He asked the dissatisfied political groups to desist from encouraging their supporters into acts that might impinge on the prevalent cohesion among citizens.

Following the release of election results for the Hargeisa municipality on 6th December supporters of the Haqsoor political group who accused NEC of doctoring the results in favour of the ruling party went on the rampage that concluded with the death of three people and injury to several others including riot police officers.

On the issue of the suspended talks with neighbouring Somalia the foreign policy chief informed that resumption is expected soon since a new government is already in place in Mogadishu.

Said he, “We expect to resume talks soon and are hopeful for successful dialogue”