Somaliland: The 9 Characteristics of a Good Wife


I will be a good wife

By: Ifrah Ahmed Hassan

Somalilandsun – Every woman wants to be the figure of her husband and the perfect partner for her husband. Here are some steps to become a good wife.

1. Love

this is essential in a wife to her husband. Love is the foundation of a relationship. Because of love, loyalty, mutual respect and the respect will come.

2. Sincere

Sincerity will make you a good wife. When you do something for him, it’s not because of any reward, but the sincerity of real love. Each of your actions based on sincerity, must be very precious to her husband.

3. The role of the wife

although marriage is a commitment of two people, but that does not mean you and your partner is always doing the same thing together. Choose the role each of you. If the husband does have a good career, it does not mean you have to have it too. You also may be assessed as a successful wife, when your children have a proud achievement, because of the strong role of the mother.

4. The good wives guideEmpathize

Marriage is not always smooth sailing. Your husband is also not always in excellent condition in every respect. In tough times, you need to empathize. Not only do you feel should be considered, but also feelings of a husband. With empathy, you can understand each other. When the marriage could be passed.

5 listen

this may be trivial in nature. But remember, not a few cases of cracks or household affair caused because husbands feel ‘lonely’. He felt his wife no longer has enough time to hear complains kesahnya. If you do not want your relationship falter, start to provide a bit of time to listen. Do not merely argue with your husband. Open your heart and mind, to hear her heart really is.

6. Make the husband as the ‘back’

make the husband as the first to hear the difficulties as well as your complaints. Make it as the rest of life. Any man would be happy, if the woman he loved needed it.

7. Gentle

Always treat her husband gently. Treat it with respect. Do not be mocking or demeaning, under any circumstances. Gentle side of a wife can actually be a ‘weapon’ a happy husband.

8. Share

Sharing in this case is not always the nature of matter. Share in the household also includes sharing the role, timing, feeling, and so on. Remember, no more ‘me’ or ‘she’, is now a must have in your mind is ‘we’.

9. Be yourselfIfrah Ahmed

Do not ever ‘wearing masks’ or lie to your husband by pretending to be. Be yourself, because that’s the figure that is loved by your partner. Become better, does not mean you have to change the whole personality.

By:Ifrah Ahmed Hassan

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Originally published Saturday, 08 February 2014 in Hargeisa by Hornewspaper