Somaliland: The 7-a-side Teams Drifting Further apart is Cause for Alarm



Unfazed by now common commotions including police presence and fights among memebrs is lone woman Somaliland legislator Hon Baar Saeed

Somalilandsun – The political fall-out hitherto witnessed in our parliament has had its spoils seep outdoors hence are we now bordering a potential political upheaval if it is not swiftly and decisively put in check.

The latest to come out of the power struggles that pits to their claws two political camps against each other’s necks is now taxing speedily along a bitter rivalry tag-of-war lane; which has just seen the Kore and Abdirahman-dere led mediating teams break camp.

They both affirmed in a joint press release that the conciliatory (or was it re-conciliatory?) talks could not proceed because they were drifting further miles apart instead of closing in ranks to break their dead-locks.

Since the Guurti last stepped in to defuse a political “timeless” bomb within the parliament, the two committees of seven-a-side sought from the Elders to try thrashing it out (amongst theirselves) in an initial basis. Now that they have come out clear on further drifting apart, at least they showed a gesture of wisdom, rarely seen in the reps, hence passed the buck back to the Elders.

Given that the issue has now grown out of hand and several regions are seen to fueling the matters’ fire by pouring on more inflammable substances by hollering loudly the infamous tribal cries of foul, the repercussive upheaval on socio-political security is now even more tenable.

Without reminding our readers of SL’s trademark pacification of homegrown talent that has made us internationally a house-hold name, the same acumen should now be put into gear, and in full throttle at that.

The Guurti, should relieve, once more, up to its reputation and not only do the necessary, but should this time round, put better modalities to hinder future political hiccups that threaten such asunder-rendering implications in the future.

By both explicitly and implicitly, the political fallout seen which has at its base a core political power struggle causative agent, dents by precisely dealing our integrity, image, essence, pride and ultimately our aspirations a serious blow.

By and large as the dents of the blows may be, all stakeholders in the sense of our nationality, stands to take the hit and loose if we don’t collectively put the situation in check.

The populace is naturally put at paints hence subjected to violent subsequent jolts in their minds when they perceive the clannish and tribal way the whole issue has veered into.

The country should not allow unwarranted petty issues to eclipse or rather take our time at the expense of national development. It is more than just being wise, just as it is a top priority issue, to fully support the Guurti and blend in with their efforts to bring the issue to a close.

The Guurti need more than the normal blessings showered since their most prominent one was reported to lament being tired of petty issues consuming their illustrious time. Of course he is/was right.