Somaliland: The $4.2m worth Presidential Personality Cult


Somaliland president Ahmed Mahmoud Silanyo

Somaliland sun – President Silanyo travelled to the East with all the fanfare and jubilation of a super rich Arabian King. He was accompanied by Key Ministers, Top advisers, Body guards with hundreds of land cruisers. The substantial expenditure spent on this unnecessary trip could have been allocated to the drought stricken citizens who are dying of hunger and thirst. The main purpose of the trip was dual – to polish the poor image of Colonel Behi and to enhance the aura of his cult.
A cult of personality arises when a leader uses mass media, propaganda, or other methods to create an idealized, heroic, and at times worshipful image. The leader uses the mass media to cultivate a larger-than-life public image through unquestioning flattery and praise. He is lauded for his extraordinary courage, heroism, knowledge, wisdom, or other superhuman qualities. Some of the well-known cults were Joseph Stalin, Sadam Hussein, Muamar Gadafi, Idi Amin, and Mobuto Sese-Seko. In an interview with BBC on January, 2009, President Silanyo was asked why he is running for the Presidency. Mr. Silanyo replied with a short sentence” Waari mayside waar hakaa hadho “.
Ukuse is witty pleasant flamboyant and intelligent and handles his job for Silanyo perfectly well just like Dr Goebbels did for Hitler of GermanyNow, president Silanyo is cultivating to achieve that objective. This job was assigned to the Minister of Information Mr. Abdilahi Ukuse. The budget of his Ministry was increased from SHL 10 Billion in 2014 to SHL 25 Billion in 2015 i.e. from $ 1.7 Million to $ 4.2 Million a huge increase of 150%. These funds are mainly used to magnify the image of the President as a war hero, benevolent donor, and achiever. Mr. Ukuse, who looks like Dr Gobbles of Germany, is short, witty, pleasant, flamboyant and intelligent .He handles his job perfectly well.
President Silanyo congratulates Musa Behi- L -upon being elected as Kulmiye party presidential candidateOn the other hand, Somalilanders are dying of hunger and starvation. According to Friday sermons of Sheikh Adam Siiro, a young boy from Xawaadle Neighborhood in Hargeisa slaughtered a dog to satisfy his hunger instinct .Last week, 2 brothers from Hargeisa state House neighborhood , Abdi Mohamed Yusuf and Sayed Mohamed Yusuf , roasted a cat to please their empty stomach. As the old saying goes ” Rome was burning , while King Nero was singing and playing Guitar ” .People are starving while our President is on spending spree and extravaganza . Leaders who create Cults often end with sad demises. Let us see and wait the fate of the President and the women around him.
Drs Hoodo YusufDrs Hoodo Yusuf,UK,London.
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