Somaliland: Thank you very much Somalilandsun,


By: Omer Hussein Duale

We the people of Somaliland support websites that avoids the current impulse of un-ethical postings of those articles that are inflammatory and necked from truth and creates rift between our people. There are thousands who can write in this world, but what is needed from authors is support of peace and togetherness of our people.

We have now reached the pick of something new to our society which is tribalism, and we need to discourage this in a manner that does not give a lethal weapon to those who don’t understand what is at stack. Peace and prosperity is what everyone should support.

Qatar is small country but forerunner in this world’s affairs politically and economically. I have been here for the last 36 years. This gives me the opportunity to engage the people of this country and their government. They know our country, but somehow there our government has not engaged them for obvious reason, even though there is a phenomena that exists in the Arab World, but they can change if we engage them officially and en light them.

Our people who live here are not that much now, because most of them have migrated to overseas or back home, but those who stay behind are mostly jobless. They all connected or Rather lean to the Somalia Embassy because of their passports and any services they may require. I and my wife are the only two who has the Somaliland Passport, and the reason is that, I have object to use the Somalia Passport and requested the government of Qatar to endorse my residence permit in my country passport.

I support this website of yours and hope you will contribute and spread the good face of our country internationally.


Omer Hussein Duale is the author of Open Letter to the People of Qatar and Their Government published by Somalilandsun