Somaliland: Thank you, Mr President


President Ahmed Mahmud silanyoBy: Mohamed H. Dulaeh

Somalilandsun: Mr President, in 1960 we advoacted the union in the first place but our fellow countrymen from south turned into a vampire unfortunately.

They use all Somali weapons, all Somali air forces and all Somali army against us, as Somalilanders. That was what went wrong with sharing a country with Somalia.

By now the only thing Somalia can do is to go and build their country and think about how they can bring peace back to their people. We wish them all the best and GOOD LUCK!

Mr. President all of those who are going to Mogadisho, they are going for a seat, As you know they have other political Agenda, and they still do not want to be far from actual home land. But they should be allowed to rott in prison forever, you have been very patient with lots of traitors and greedy cheap individuals amongst us and yes it’s time to crack them all down.¨

Mr President we know that you’re spending hours contemplating and making the right decision. We as Somalilanders know that you have the political and business experience to run this country. You prioritized education, healthcare, and environmental protection, t hese are some of what I believe Somalilander should be entitled to.

Mr President as you said “That is right Somaliland’s sovereignty is non-negotiable and we’ll never turning back, NEVER regardless of recognition or not”

We as Somaliland are saying “Over the dead bodies of Somaliland people before we bargain about our independence”

Mr Prisident, there’s a whole country united behind you, Mr. President. You’re the man in the flight suit, the man who can bring this nation in on a wing and a prayer for a smooth landing. You’re a man we’ve gradually come to know and to trust.

Somaliland is Gone Forever!

Mohamed H. Dulaeh