Somaliland: Telesom‘ s Zaad Implement Less than $100 Transaction in Sl Shilling


Somalilandsun: Leading Somaliland telecommunications company Telesom has started a new service whereby customer will be able to transfer Somaliland Shillings through their money transfer popularly known as Zaad services to credit their internet bundles as well as the prepaid card, which afore was only available through dollar transactions.
This information reached Somalilandsun in a press conference held at the company headquarters occasioned by the minister of communications and technology Mr.Dr.Abdiwali Sheikh Abdillahi with the participation of Central Bank of Somaliland Governor Mr.Mohammed Abdi Ibrahim, chairman of Telesom company Mr.Abdikarim Mohammed Eid and other top officials.

Mr. Abdiwahab Maah Telesom company director general for social development stated “We are very excited and honored to announce that Telesom company is at the forefront of fighting inflation in the country and consequently will join hands with the government of the day to implement her directives to counter runaway inflation in Somaliland. We are pleased to inform that from today henceforth customers will have the choice to debit the telephone recharge using Somaliland Shillings instead of dollars they will also debit their internet bundles with the local currency. This new initiative introduced by the government will put to check inflation of the Shillings.”
The new government of Somaliland led by Mr.Musa Bihi Abdi decided to take bull by the horn to deal with the sky rocketing inflation once and for all and has issued a stern directive to all telecommunications companies to implement by 13th of March 2018.
The director general for social development stated that Telesom company money transfer services will from today onwards accept the transfer of any amount from a dollar to $100 denomination will be in Somaliland Shillings only whereas above $100 denominations will be sent in dollars. He further confirmed that the company other services such as the international transfer and mobile banking services will not be affected by the changes as customers can still deposit and withdraw their money wherever and whenever they want.
Speaking at the venue the Telesom company director general for business affairs Mr.Abdisalan Ismael Noor said“God willingly from 5th March 2018 this new directive takes effect and Telesom company will implement it to the later.”
The Telesom chairman Mr.Abdikarim Mohammed Eid stated that his company has already put in place the infrastructure to implement the three directives issued by the government. He also thanked the company’s customers for their loyalty. The chairman promised to introduce many more viable services to clients.
The Central Bank of Somaliland Chairman and Director General praised Telesom company for their good services to customers.

Also speaking at the meeting was the minister of communications and technology Mr.Abdiwali Sheikh Abdillahi Said “I was appointed to chair the committee that was supposed to look for ways to counter inflation by H.E the president of Somaliland Musa Bihi Abdi and I’m very pleased to announce that Telesom company has heeded our call to fight this menace inflation which has ravaged our economy by implementing our directives .”

By Guleid Abdi Maher