Somaliland: Telesom Partners Innovate- Ventures Africa in Promoting Young Entrepreneurs


Telesom innovate Africa meet participants

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai
Somalilandsun- A five days workshop is taking place in Hargeisa where participants are strategizing job creation in Somaliland through promoting youthful Entrepreneurs.
Jointly facilitated by Telesom in association with Innovate and Venture Africa participants include senior officials of the two firms as well as young aspiring Entrepreneurs and other stakeholders among them the ministry of Trade and international investment.

According to the Telesom company’s Community development officer Abdiwahab Maah the project which will run for five years has an emphasis on supporting upcoming Enterprenuers with a technologically aligned business plans.
In addition the community development officer also stated that the cooperation with the global firm is in relation to the telecommunication .giants policy of corporate responsibilities in which profits are shared back to its clients through various channels among them promotion of income generation
Tel venture For Innovate and venture Africa which operates in over 40 African countries, it’s partnership with Telesom is in relation to the massive talent of youthful Entrepreneurs in Somaliland where employment opportunities are few but endowed with abundant opportunities for self-employment.
“This is a multi- faced project that targets innovative ideas for. Young Somalilanders especially as pertains to training, mentoring and funding to properly designed and viable commercial ventures that have an emphasis on technology” said the Somaliland country director for Innovate and Venture Africa Abdikarim Diriye.

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