Somaliland: Telesom Benefits Hargeisa Roads Construction Project


Darbo -L- the Telesom public relations manager  handing over his companys  contribution

By Abdirisak Itaqile

Somalilandsun -Telesom, Somliland’s leading Telecommunication and Internet Service Provider Company donated $8,000 for the construction of three different roads inside Hargeisa city and handed the check to the committees in charge of the construction of these roads.

In a half Kilometer road implemented in Madinatul Munwara neighborhood which lies at the intersection of Hero Awr and 150km roads in north of the city, Telesom Company donated cash amounting to $3, 000 for the construction of this road.

The head of Telesom’s public relations and marketing department Mr. Mohamed Abdi Darbo who spoke at a ceremony held for handing over Telesom’s share to the road construction committee highlighted Telesom’s role in the provisions and development of social amenities to the community at large by contributing in the construction of roads, hospitals, mosques and establishing orphanage centers nationwide.

Madinatul Munawara neighborhood committee members to mention a few, Jama Abdi Ahmed, Kader Abdilahi Jama, Mohamed Mohamoud Essa and Eng. Ahmed Warsame, during their speech at the ceremony thanked Telesom Company for generously donating for the construction of the tarmac road in the neighborhood.

Telesom Company also donated cash amounting to $ 2,000 to the construction of a bridge in Ma’alin Warsame neighborhood near Hamdi Hotel in eastern outskirts of Hargeisa. In a ceremony held for handing over Telesom’s share for the construction of the bridge was attended by the head of Telesom’s public relations and marketing department Mr. Mohamed Abdi Darbo, deputy head of Zaad Service department Mr. Ali Abdirahman, the head of Media section in public relations department Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim Abdilahi, Ma’alin Warsame neighborhood committee members namely Mohamed Ahmed Farah (Fool), Sheikh Kader Omer Kalif and other officials.

Similarly, Telesom Company also donated for the renovation and rehabilitation of Sinay neighborhood road, the first rehabilitation work of this road since its construction in the mid-eighties during the dictatorial regime of Siyad Barre.

The head of Telesom’s public relations and marketing department, Mr. Mohamed Abdi Darbo has presented a check worth $3,000 to Mohamed Mohamoud Ismail, the chairman of committee in charge for the rehabilitation of Sinay neighborhood road.

Mr. Mohamed Abdi Darbo speaking on behalf of Telesom Company said, “I would like to thank the residents of Ahmed Dhagah district especially in Sinai neighborhood for their efforts to the rehabilitation and the contribution of the much needed road in the neighborhood.”

Mr. Darbo went on to say: “on behalf of Telesom company I want to present a check worth of $ 3,000 to the committee in charge of the rehabilitation of Sinai neighborhood road and as you may be aware of Telesom Company which is one of the biggest companies operating in the country has been engaged since its inception in 2002 for taking lion’s share for the communal ventures that are beneficial to the society.”

Mohamed Nouh Jibril one of the fund drive committee members also praised the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) role spearheaded by the Telecommunication guru acknowledging Telesom’s donations in national development while calling other business outfits to emulate their exemplary model.

Lastly, Chief Abdilahi Farah speaking at the ceremony narrated that this road hasn’t received any rehabilitation work since its construction in dictatorial era of Siyad Barre. He also called Telesom to maintain the momentum and not disengage from taking parts in such communal ventures that are beneficial to the society.

Telesom is the leading telecommunication provider in Somaliland with services such as mobile banking, GSM, internet and online news.