Somaliland: Telecoms and Internet Companies Warned against Using .so Domain


Somalilandsun- The minister of postal and telecommunication Mr.Abdiweli Abdillahi Suufi has issued a stern warning to all Somaliland telecommunications firms, government departments, private companies, organizations and websites to switch to the new Somaliland domain, Somaliland News Agency (SOLNA) Reported on wednesday.

Minister Abdiweli revealed that many countries that have not yet been recognized have forfeited the use of other countries domains and have established their own.

He also confirmed that Somaliland will change the country code 252 which it inherited from the AMISOM propped government of Somalia. He said “We are in the process of changing the country postal and telecommunication codes.”

The minister said that all mobile telephone firms and websites should switch to the new Somaliland domain or else will be removed from the air.”

The postal and telecom minister added that Somaliland being an independent state it shall never again be subordinated by Somalia or any other country.

This new move will help Somaliland in her quest for independence the first move will to switch the internet domain from the widely used dot (so) to a new one with Somaliland domain.

The minister has already sent instruction to all stakeholders to abide to the new directive or risk being removed from the computer and telecommunication infrastructure altogether.

Source: SOLNA