Somaliland: Taleh Residents Prepare to Elect Leaders of Choice


As residents in Haysimo region register as voters in an exercise termed apt  by governor Hayiir and MP Kore

Far left- Governor Hayiir and MP Kore in line with residents of Haysimo region to register as voters

By: Yusuf M Hasan 

TALEH (Somalilandsun) – Residents of the eastern region of Haysimo shall fully participate in Somaliland elections come March 2017.

This was revealed during a joint press briefing by regional governor Abdirashid Mohamed Hayiir and Somaliland Member of Parliament Suleiman Ali Kore in Taleh after a region wide voter registration exercise inspection tour.

Governor Hayiir who commended residents most of whom are registering as voters for the first time urged those yet to participate to do so, during the one month duration that the national Election commission-NEC has allotted the region.

“Registering as voters is not only your right but an opportunity for you to elect your preferred president and members of parliament in forthcoming Somaliland national elections to be held on the 28th March 2017”

Somalilamd election commission offices in Haysimo dispatch registration clerks to rural areasBriefing on his joint inspection with MP Kore, the Haysimo governor said that the designated voter registration centres in the districts of Damaq, Ka’ayo, Halin, and Kaiylo as well as in Taleh town which is the regional capital are ongoing as planned by NEC while others shall be included once logistics are finalized. 

Said he, “Basbaso centre shall be the next venue to start registering voters once NEC and the regional administration complete a few logistic hitches” said Governor Hayiir

MP Suleiman Ali Kore who represents Taleh in the Somaliland House of Representatives told Haysimo residents to register as voters en-mass in order o hold powers of having a say in who will be their president and members of parliament 

“To put your president and MPs of choice in office you must first register as voters” urged MP Kore while congratulating local traditional leaders for their full support in the month long exercise.

Haysimo region whose administrative capital is Taleh town 189 kms east of Las Anod town was established 2 years ago upon being curved by President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo from the wider Sool region. 

Governor Abdirashid Hayiir says Somaliland elections will be held in all parts of Haysimo regionIt is the first time for the former Khatumo secession stronghold to participate in Somaliland voter registration which is currently also ongoing in the nearby regions o Sool and Buhoodle that shall bring the nationwide exercise to conclusion NEC having successfully undertaken similar in the regions of Maroodi-jeeh (Hasrgeisa), Awdal (Borame), Sahil (Berbera), Toghdeer (Burao), Odweine and Gabile.


Haysimo Governor Press briefing on voter registration ‘