Somaliland: Suspected Lowya’ado Rapists Nabbed


Deserted landscape near the Loyada town is full of green trees used by Rapists

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai

LOWYA’ADO (Somaliland sun) – Selel regional police are holding five men in connection to the rape of two women.

According to the Selel regional governor Abdirizaq Waberi Roble the five are being held in suspicion of perpetrating the heinous rape of two women at bushy area known as Hayngal in Lowya’ado and bordering Somaliland and Djibouti.

In a telephone interview with the state owned Dawan newspaper Governor Waberi informed that the five who are all human traffickers operating between the two neighbouring countries pounced on the girls at the secluded and bushy Hayngal.

“The unsuspecting girls were lured to the rape with promises of safe conduct and passage to their Djibouti destination” said the Governor adding that the bravery of the two girls in reporting the atrocious crime led police to the arrest.

The Sayla town based administrator of the Somaliland region bordering Djibouti further revealed that police have been pursuing investigations on rampant rape of girls pursuing illegal entry into the neighbouring country.

Main photo courtesy of independenttravelers

Governor Abdirizaq Waberi RobleSaid he, “Though we were aware of the dreadful acts performed on young girls between the two countries borders non had reported in the past” adding that the two girls raped last Thursday are to be commended for their bravery leading to identification and arrest of the rapists.

Informing that the Somaliland government is providing necessary medical and psychological attention to the girls the Selel regional governor promised apt investigations followed by prosecution of the perps.

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