Somaliland: Suspected Hargeisa Sorcerer Apprehended


By: Osman A.M.

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Law enforcers in Hargeisa have arrested & detained a suspected sorcerer after effects of his ill operations were exposed. The suspect sorcerer was found at Sha’ab area in Hargeisa.

The sorcerer is said to have been dividing & souring relations between marital spouses with his action culminating to irreversible reconciliation in differences with catastrophic mental degradations to some extent.

The actions of the detainee come to exposure after a woman he is said to have bewitched went to a mental health institution treating patients with applicable religious remedies sought psychiatric advice to reciprocate her conditions. The woman narrated to the religiously resourced psychiatrics that she was collected from her residence& taken to the suspect’s dwellings of operation at State house estate wherein he immersed her head inside a basin full of pungent liquid for a minute before getting her out where she gasped for oxygen by breathing in & out alternately. She postulated that upon concluding his bizarre ritual she was dropped back at her place. From that moment she turned against her loving husband who did nothing to warrant her ire, claimed the bewitched mid aged woman.

When the psychiatrics remedied the conditions of the woman, her determined family members pursued trailing the sorcerer and after locating the culprit reported the matter at KodBur police station who prompted his arrest.

The Officer Commanding Station at KodBur police station confirmed to Somalilandsun reporters that the suspected sorcerer is in cell and would avail him in court once they are through with their investigations as more people affected by his actions are corroborating the woman’s testimonies by forwarding their ordeal with the culprit.